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Brogue: Community Edition - a community-lead fork of the much-loved minimalist roguelike game

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Brogue CE

Countless adventurers before you have descended this torch-lit staircase, seeking the promised riches below. As you reach the bottom and step into the wide cavern, the doors behind you seal with a powerful magic...

Welcome to the Dungeons of Doom!

Brogue is a single-player strategy game set in the halls of a mysterious and randomly-generated dungeon. The objective is simple enough -- retrieve the fabled Amulet of Yendor from the 26th level -- but the dungeon is riddled with danger. Horrifying creatures and devious, trap-ridden terrain await. Yet it is also riddled with weapons, potions, and artifacts of forgotten power. Survival demands strength and cunning in equal measure as you descend, making the most of what the dungeon gives you. You will make sacrifices, narrow escapes, and maybe even some friends along the way -- but will you be one of the lucky few to return alive?


If you downloaded a release, you can open the game as follows:


Go to the

folder and run


Run the included app.

As it's an unsigned program, you may have to convince macOS to let you run it. You can do this by right-clicking the app and choosing Open the first time you run it.


Run the

script in the same the folder as this file.

Make sure you have SDL2 and SDL2_image installed via your package manager. The required packages are:

  • Debian/Ubuntu:
    libsdl2-2.0-0 libsdl2-image-2.0-0
  • Fedora:
    SDL2 SDL2_image
  • Arch:
    sdl2 sdl2_image

You can also run

to generate a .desktop file to place on your desktop or applications folder.

More information

If you're running the graphical version (default), the game window can be resized using the PageDown/PageUp or -/+ keys. Graphical tiles are included; press 'G' to toggle them.

For some tips on playing the game, see the original website, linked above. Also check out the wiki -- although this version contains some modifications from what the wiki reports!

If you downloaded the source code, you will need to build the game first. For instructions, see

On Windows, if you want to run from the command prompt, use

instead of


What is Community Edition?

Brogue was created by Brian Walker. This version, Brogue: Community Edition, is a continuation of its development. It has several main goals:

  • fix bugs and crashes
  • add useful quality of life and non-gameplay features
  • improve the gameplay and keep it exciting
  • ease development and maintenance
  • be a convenient base for forks and ports to new platforms

How is CE different from the original Brogue?

Please refer to the changelog or release history for a complete list. There is also a wiki page: Changes from original.

How is the project run, and how are changes decided?

The project is run with a "benevolent dictator" model, with myself (tmewett) in charge. There are many other testers and regular contributors; see the contribution guide to get involved!

We always try to make changes in the same spirit as the rest of the game. Anyone can propose a change - all discussion occurs in our GitHub issue tracker or on our development Discord (see We also make sure that things are well play-tested.

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