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General statistics, mathematical programming, and numerical/scientific computing scripts and notebooks in Python

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Statistics/ Mathematical Computing Notebooks

Jupyter Notebooks on the topics of statistical analysis, mathematics, and numerical/sceintific computing (in Python).

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  • Python 3.6+
  • NumPy (
    $ pip install numpy
  • Pandas (
    $ pip install pandas
  • Scikit-learn (
    $ pip install scikit-learn
  • SciPy (
    $ pip install scipy
  • Statsmodels (
    $ pip install statsmodels
  • MatplotLib (
    $ pip install matplotlib
  • Seaborn (
    $ pip install seaborn

Set Algebra basics


Permutations and Combinations

permutation and combination

Probability distributions (Discrete)


Linear Regression Methods


R-style Statistical functions written using Python


Diagnostics of a linear regression problem

Introduction to hypothesis testing


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