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Tool for visualizing GitHub profiles

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run locally

  • git clone
  • cd profile-summary-for-github
  • mvn install
  • java -jar target/profile-summary-for-github-jar-with-dependencies.jar

If no api-token is set, you only get ~50 requests/hour

To run the app with an api-token, first generate a token at, then launch the jar with the token:

  • java -Dapi-tokens=your-token -jar target/profile-summary-for-github-jar-with-dependencies.jar

You can use a comma-separated list of tokens to increase your rate-limit

You can build a profile summary for any GitHub profile using

  • java -Dunrestricted=true -jar target/profile-summary-for-github-jar-with-dependencies.jar

You can set when the app should require user-starring by passing

Passing 1000 will require the app to require starring if there are less than 1000 requests left:
  • java -Dfree-requests-cutoff=1000 -jar target/profile-summary-for-github-jar-with-dependencies.jar

You can enable Google Tag Manager on your instance by setting

  • java -Dgtm-id=GTM-XXXXXX -jar target/profile-summary-for-github-jar-with-dependencies.jar

run locally with docker

  • git clone
  • cd profile-summary-for-github
  • docker build -t profile-summary-for-github .
  • docker run -it --rm --name profile-summary-for-github -p 7070:7070 profile-summary-for-github
  • OR with a token
    docker run -it --rm --name profile-summary-for-github -p 7070:7070 -e "API_TOKENS=mytoken1,mytoken2" profile-summary-for-github
  • browse to http://localhost:7070

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