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Alfred workflow for tracking time in Harvest

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⚠️ This repository is unmaintained. Head over to for a rewritten version of this plugin with more features and better security.

Harvest workflow for Alfred

Let Alfred help you track your time. This workflow gives you complete access to your Harvest time-tracking:

  • view today's timers
  • start / stop a timer
  • view and add notes
  • launch your Harvest web app

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How to use:


  • Type
    to view all available triggers
  • Type
    hv setup
    to enter your Harvest subdomain, email, and password. Note:

Start a new timer:

alfred-harvest new timer

  1. Type
    hv new
    to list your current projects
  2. Press
    to select a project and list available tasks
  3. Press
    to begin the timer

Toggle today's timers

alfred-harvest toggle timer

  1. Type
    hv toggle
    to list today's timers
  2. Press
    to select a timer and toggle it on / off

Add a note:

alfred-harvest add note

  1. Type
    hv note
    to list today's timers
  2. Press
    to select a timer
  3. Enter your note and press

Modifier keys:

  • Start a new timer, and immediately add a note: hold
    while completing the second step of
    hv new
  • Delete one of today's timer entries: hold
    while completing
    hv toggle

Fun facts:

  • All text portions of the listings throughout the workflow are filterable. You can start typing within any of the workflows to filter items by project, task, client, and even note content!
  • If you haven't started a project for today, running
    hv toggle
    hv note
    will display a shortcut to add a new timer.

Please note: Passwords and project caching are stored in Alfred's "Workflow Data" folder. This means your Harvest login info isn't encrypted, although it is tucked away in a deep dark system folder.


"Pencil" icon courtesy via Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported.

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