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Online teaching modules for stats and R coding inside a fictional narrative about a miniature giraffe species.

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Teacups, Giraffes, & Statistics

An open resource which uses R Markdown to create a series of modules for learning R basics and statistics. Built with R Markdown in RStudio. This project is ongoing, and more modules are in development.

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This repository holds the source materials for this project. To view the online modules, please visit:


The illustrations and narrative in this project are licensed under the cc-by-nc-nd license. This means that these specific parts of the project cannot be modified or remixed if you use our materials.

Everything else in this project is licensed under the cc-by-nc-sa 4.0 license. In summary, this means that you can adapt the lesson material to suit your needs as long as you cite the original project and authors.

Getting Started

Intro to R: This module will introduce you to some basic tools and terminology that you will need to be familiar with to complete the modules. You can work through the exercises or use this page as a reference.

The Modules

  1. Introduction to the Normal Distribution. This module introduces the basics to visualizing data using
    and evaluating the data for normality.
  2. Mean, Median, Mode. Write your own functions for calculating the median and mean.
  3. Spread of the Data. Write your own functions for calculating the variance and the standard deviation.
  4. Covariance and Correlation Write your own function to quantify the strength of the relationship between two variables.
  5. Standard Error, Introduction to Inference

Planned Modules

  1. T-Test, Inference Part II
  2. ANOVA
  3. Linear Regression
  4. Revisiting T-Tests, ANOVA, and Regression: Assumptions & Violations
  5. Bootstrapping
  6. Permutation
  7. Simulation & Power
  8. Winner's Curse
  9. Multiple Comparisons & Questionable Research Practices # apps

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