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A tiny and simple UIFrameWork for Unity4.x and Unity5.x

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A tiny and powerful UIFrameWork for Unity4.x and Unity5.x

2018.1.30 -> Update Project to Unity5.6.2f1 with NGUI version 3.11.4.


How to Start

  1. Click the MainStart.scene in Scenes folder
  2. find GameObject "!!!DemoDriver!!!" in scene
  3. Toggle the DebugSystem Enable Log
  4. play the "Game" from one window to other window ,back to another window ......


  1. Unity4.x & NGUI3.6.7(If you want using Unity3d 5.x version, just update the NGUI's right version too)
  2. 2018.1.30 -> Update Project to Unity5.6.2f1 with NGUI version 3.11.4.

UIFrameWork Target:

  1. load window, Show, hide, close window
  2. Animation Interface for your window hide/show animation
  3. Window Depth, window common collider bg manager
  4. (!!!maybe the most goal)Manager your window navigation (when you click the return/back button you need not to care which window I should Go)
  5. Add some very common MessageBox
  6. Give you a total game example(just the window logic)
  7. You can easily modify for your own game
  8. Do more (event system , Decoupled your game code)

Share and Idea

  1. If you find some cool idea just share with us (new issues or email)
  2. This framework is in updating

Wish this simple tiny frame work can help some one who want to save his time develop the window logic

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