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This Xcode source editor extension align your assignment statement.

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This Xcode source editor extension align your assignment statement.




system preferences



  1. Open your code on Xcode 8
  2. Select your code
  3. Choose menu
    Editor > Alignment


screen shot 2017-02-09 at 17 09 15 * Align assignment
 When checked, assignment statement align will be enabled.

  let value = 0
  let i = 0
  let value = 0
  let i     = 0
  • Align type declaration
    When checked, type declaration align will be enabled.
  func sort(from: Int,
            to: Int) {
  func sort(from : Int,
            to   : Int) {

Usage without installing:

  1. Install Xcode 8
  2. Run Xcode 8 and install additional system components
  3. Open this project in Xcode 8 and run the extension
  4. Choose an app to run: Xcode 8
  5. Select your code
  6. Choose menu
    Editor > Alignment


The MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more infomation.

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