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Must-read papers on graph neural networks (GNN)

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Must-read papers on GNN

GNN: graph neural network

Contributed by Jie Zhou, Ganqu Cui, Zhengyan Zhang and Yushi Bai.


1. Survey
2. Models
2.1 Basic Models 2.2 Graph Types
2.3 Pooling Methods 2.4 Analysis
2.5 Efficiency
3. Applications
3.1 Physics 3.2 Chemistry and Biology
3.3 Knowledge Graph 3.4 Recommender Systems
3.5 Computer Vision 3.6 Natural Language Processing
3.7 Generation 3.8 Combinatorial Optimization
3.9 Adversarial Attack 3.10 Graph Clustering
3.11 Graph Classification 3.12 Reinforcement Learning
3.13 Traffic Network 3.14 Few-shot and Zero-shot Learning
3.15 Program Representation 3.16 Social Network
3.17 Graph Matching 3.18 Computer Network

Survey papers

  1. Introduction to Graph Neural Networks. Synthesis Lectures on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2020. book

    Zhiyuan Liu, Jie Zhou.

  2. Graph Neural Networks: A Review of Methods and Applications. arxiv 2018. paper

    Jie Zhou, Ganqu Cui, Zhengyan Zhang, Cheng Yang, Zhiyuan Liu, Maosong Sun.

  3. A Comprehensive Survey on Graph Neural Networks. arxiv 2019. paper

    Zonghan Wu, Shirui Pan, Fengwen Chen, Guodong Long, Chengqi Zhang, Philip S. Yu.

  4. Adversarial Attack and Defense on Graph Data: A Survey. arxiv 2018. paper

    Lichao Sun, Yingtong Dou, Carl Yang, Ji Wang, Philip S. Yu, Bo Li.

  5. Deep Learning on Graphs: A Survey. arxiv 2018. paper

    Ziwei Zhang, Peng Cui, Wenwu Zhu.

  6. Relational Inductive Biases, Deep Learning, and Graph Networks. arxiv 2018. paper

    Battaglia, Peter W and Hamrick, Jessica B and Bapst, Victor and Sanchez-Gonzalez, Alvaro and Zambaldi, Vinicius and Malinowski, Mateusz and Tacchetti, Andrea and Raposo, David and Santoro, Adam and Faulkner, Ryan and others.

  7. Geometric Deep Learning: Going beyond Euclidean data. IEEE SPM 2017. paper

    Bronstein, Michael M and Bruna, Joan and LeCun, Yann and Szlam, Arthur and Vandergheynst, Pierre.

  8. Computational Capabilities of Graph Neural Networks. IEEE TNN 2009. paper

    Scarselli, Franco and Gori, Marco and Tsoi, Ah Chung and Hagenbuchner, Markus and Monfardini, Gabriele.

  9. Neural Message Passing for Quantum Chemistry. ICML 2017. paper

    Gilmer, Justin and Schoenholz, Samuel S and Riley, Patrick F and Vinyals, Oriol and Dahl, George E.

  10. Non-local Neural Networks. CVPR 2018. paper

    Wang, Xiaolong and Girshick, Ross and Gupta, Abhinav and He, Kaiming.

  11. The Graph Neural Network Model. IEEE TNN 2009. paper

    Scarselli, Franco and Gori, Marco and Tsoi, Ah Chung and Hagenbuchner, Markus and Monfardini, Gabriele.

  12. Benchmarking Graph Neural Networks. arxiv 2020. paper

    Dwivedi, Vijay Prakash and Joshi, Chaitanya K. and Laurent, Thomas and Bengio, Yoshua and Bresson, Xavier.

  13. Foundations and modelling of dynamic networks using Dynamic Graph Neural Networks: A survey. arxiv 2020. paper

    Skarding, Joakim and Gabrys, Bogdan and Musial, Katarzyna.


Basic Models

  1. Supervised Neural Networks for the Classification of Structures. IEEE TNN 1997. paper

    Alessandro Sperduti and Antonina Starita.

  2. Graphical-Based Learning Environments for Pattern Recognition. SSPR/SPR 2004. paper

    Franco Scarselli, Ah Chung Tsoi, Marco Gori, Markus Hagenbuchner.

  3. A new model for learning in graph domains. IJCNN 2005. paper

    Marco Gori, Gabriele Monfardini, Franco Scarselli.

  4. Graph Neural Networks for Ranking Web Pages. WI 2005. paper

    Franco Scarselli, Sweah Liang Yong, Marco Gori, Markus Hagenbuchner, Ah Chung Tsoi, Marco Maggini.

  5. Neural Network for Graphs: A Contextual Constructive Approach. IEEE TNN 2009. paper

    Alessio Micheli.

  6. Spectral Networks and Locally Connected Networks on Graphs. ICLR 2014. paper

    Joan Bruna, Wojciech Zaremba, Arthur Szlam, Yann LeCun.

  7. Deep Convolutional Networks on Graph-Structured Data. arxiv 2015. paper

    Mikael Henaff, Joan Bruna, Yann LeCun.

  8. Convolutional Neural Networks on Graphs with Fast Localized Spectral Filtering. NIPS 2016. paper

    Michaël Defferrard, Xavier Bresson, Pierre Vandergheynst.

  9. Diffusion-Convolutional Neural Networks. NIPS 2016. paper

    James Atwood, Don Towsley.

  10. Gated Graph Sequence Neural Networks. ICLR 2016. paper

    Yujia Li, Daniel Tarlow, Marc Brockschmidt, Richard Zemel.

  11. Learning Convolutional Neural Networks for Graphs. ICML 2016. paper

    Mathias Niepert, Mohamed Ahmed, Konstantin Kutzkov.

  12. Semantic Object Parsing with Graph LSTM. ECCV 2016. paper

    Xiaodan Liang, Xiaohui Shen, Jiashi Feng, Liang Lin, Shuicheng Yan.

  13. Semi-Supervised Classification with Graph Convolutional Networks. ICLR 2017. paper

    Thomas N. Kipf, Max Welling.

  14. Inductive Representation Learning on Large Graphs. NIPS 2017. paper

    William L. Hamilton, Rex Ying, Jure Leskovec.

  15. Geometric deep learning on graphs and manifolds using mixture model cnns. CVPR 2017. paper

    Federico Monti, Davide Boscaini, Jonathan Masci, Emanuele Rodolà, Jan Svoboda, Michael M. Bronstein.

  16. Graph Attention Networks. ICLR 2018. paper

    Petar Velickovic, Guillem Cucurull, Arantxa Casanova, Adriana Romero, Pietro Lio, Yoshua Bengio.

  17. Covariant Compositional Networks For Learning Graphs. ICLR 2018. paper

    Risi Kondor, Hy Truong Son, Horace Pan, Brandon Anderson, Shubhendu Trivedi.

  18. Graph Partition Neural Networks for Semi-Supervised Classification. ICLR 2018. paper

    Renjie Liao, Marc Brockschmidt, Daniel Tarlow, Alexander L. Gaunt, Raquel Urtasun, Richard Zemel.

  19. Inference in Probabilistic Graphical Models by Graph Neural Networks. ICLR Workshop 2018. paper

    KiJung Yoon, Renjie Liao, Yuwen Xiong, Lisa Zhang, Ethan Fetaya, Raquel Urtasun, Richard Zemel, Xaq Pitkow.

  20. Structure-Aware Convolutional Neural Networks. NeurIPS 2018. paper

    Jianlong Chang, Jie Gu, Lingfeng Wang, Gaofeng Meng, Shiming Xiang, Chunhong Pan.

  1. Bayesian Semi-supervised Learning with Graph Gaussian Processes. NeurIPS 2018. paper

    Yin Cheng Ng, Nicolò Colombo, Ricardo Silva.

  2. Adaptive Graph Convolutional Neural Networks. AAAI 2018. paper

    Ruoyu Li, Sheng Wang, Feiyun Zhu, Junzhou Huang.

  3. Dual Graph Convolutional Networks for Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Classification. WWW 2018. paper

    Chenyi Zhuang, Qiang Ma.

  4. Learning Steady-States of Iterative Algorithms over Graphs. ICML 2018. paper

    Hanjun Dai, Zornitsa Kozareva, Bo Dai, Alex Smola, Le Song.

  5. Graph Capsule Convolutional Neural Networks. ICML 2018 Workshop. paper

    Saurabh Verma, Zhi-Li Zhang.

  6. Capsule Graph Neural Network. ICLR 2019. paper

    Zhang Xinyi, Lihui Chen.

  7. Graph Wavelet Neural Network. ICLR 2019. paper

    Bingbing Xu, Huawei Shen, Qi Cao, Yunqi Qiu, Xueqi Cheng.

  8. Deep Graph Infomax. ICLR 2019. paper

    Petar Veličković, William Fedus, William L. Hamilton, Pietro Liò, Yoshua Bengio, R Devon Hjelm.

  9. Predict then Propagate: Graph Neural Networks meet Personalized PageRank. ICLR 2019. paper

    Johannes Klicpera, Aleksandar Bojchevski, Stephan Günnemann.

  10. LanczosNet: Multi-Scale Deep Graph Convolutional Networks. ICLR 2019. paper

    Renjie Liao, Zhizhen Zhao, Raquel Urtasun, Richard Zemel.

  11. Invariant and Equivariant Graph Networks. ICLR 2019. paper

    Haggai Maron, Heli Ben-Hamu, Nadav Shamir, Yaron Lipman.

  12. GMNN: Graph Markov Neural Networks. ICML 2019. paper

    Meng Qu, Yoshua Bengio, Jian Tang.

  13. Position-aware Graph Neural Networks. ICML 2019. paper

    Jiaxuan You, Rex Ying, Jure Leskovec.

  14. Disentangled Graph Convolutional Networks. ICML 2019. paper

    Jianxin Ma, Peng Cui, Kun Kuang, Xin Wang, Wenwu Zhu.

  15. Stochastic Blockmodels meet Graph Neural Networks. ICML 2019. paper

    Nikhil Mehta, Lawrence Carin, Piyush Rai.

  16. Learning Discrete Structures for Graph Neural Networks. ICML 2019. paper

    Luca Franceschi, Mathias Niepert, Massimiliano Pontil, Xiao He.

  17. MixHop: Higher-Order Graph Convolutional Architectures via Sparsified Neighborhood Mixing. ICML 2019. paper

    Sami Abu-El-Haija, Bryan Perozzi, Amol Kapoor, Nazanin Alipourfard, Kristina Lerman, Hrayr Harutyunyan, Greg Ver Steeg, Aram Galstyan.

  18. DEMO-Net: Degree-specific Graph Neural Networks for Node and Graph Classification. KDD 2019. paper

    Jun Wu, Jingrui He, Jiejun Xu.

  19. Graph Representation Learning via Hard and Channel-Wise Attention Networks. KDD 2019. paper

    Hongyang Gao, Shuiwang Ji.

  20. Graph Learning-Convolutional Networks. CVPR 2019. paper

    Bo Jiang, Ziyan Zhang, Doudou Lin, Jin Tang.

  21. Data Representation and Learning with Graph Diffusion-Embedding Networks. CVPR 2019. paper

    Bo Jiang, Doudou Lin, Jin Tang, Bin Luo.

  22. Label Efficient Semi-Supervised Learning via Graph Filtering. CVPR 2019. paper

    Qimai Li, Xiao-Ming Wu, Han Liu, Xiaotong Zhang, Zhichao Guan.

  23. SPAGAN: Shortest Path Graph Attention Network. IJCAI 2019. paper

    Yiding Yang, Xinchao Wang, Mingli Song, Junsong Yuan, Dacheng Tao.

  24. Topology Optimization based Graph Convolutional Network. IJCAI 2019. paper

    Liang Yang, Zesheng Kang, Xiaochun Cao, Di Jin, Bo Yang, Yuanfang Guo.

  25. Hierarchical Graph Convolutional Networks for Semi-supervised Node Classification. IJCAI 2019. paper

    Fenyu Hu, Yanqiao Zhu, Shu Wu, Liang Wang, Tieniu Tan.

  26. Masked Graph Convolutional Network. IJCAI 2019. paper

    Liang Yang, Fan Wu, Yingkui Wang, Junhua Gu, Yuanfang Guo.

  27. Dual Self-Paced Graph Convolutional Network: Towards Reducing Attribute Distortions Induced by Topology. IJCAI 2019. paper

    Liang Yang, Zhiyang Chen, Junhua Gu, Yuanfang Guo.

  28. Bayesian graph convolutional neural networks for semi-supervised classification. AAAI 2019. paper

    Yingxue Zhang, Soumyasundar Pal, Mark Coates, Deniz Üstebay.

  29. GeniePath: Graph Neural Networks with Adaptive Receptive Paths. AAAI 2019. paper

    Ziqi Liu, Chaochao Chen, Longfei Li, Jun Zhou, Xiaolong Li, Le Song, Yuan Qi.

  30. Gaussian-Induced Convolution for Graphs. AAAI 2019. paper

    Jiatao Jiang, Zhen Cui, Chunyan Xu, Jian Yang.

  31. Fisher-Bures Adversary Graph Convolutional Networks. UAI 2019. paper

    Ke Sun, Piotr Koniusz, Zhen Wang.

  32. N-GCN: Multi-scale Graph Convolution for Semi-supervised Node Classification. UAI 2019. paper

    Sami Abu-El-Haija, Amol Kapoor, Bryan Perozzi, Joonseok Lee.

  33. Confidence-based Graph Convolutional Networks for Semi-Supervised Learning. AISTATS 2019. paper

    Shikhar Vashishth, Prateek Yadav, Manik Bhandari, Partha Talukdar.

  34. Lovasz Convolutional Networks. AISTATS 2019. paper

    Prateek Yadav, Madhav Nimishakavi, Naganand Yadati, Shikhar Vashishth, Arun Rajkumar, Partha Talukdar.

  35. Provably Powerful Graph Networks. NeurIPS 2019. paper

    Haggai Maron, Heli Ben-Hamu, Hadar Serviansky, Yaron Lipman.

  36. Graph Agreement Models for Semi-Supervised Learning. NeurIPS 2019. paper

    Otilia Stretcu, Krishnamurthy Viswanathan, Dana Movshovitz-Attias, Emmanouil Platanios. Sujith Ravi, Andrew Tomkins.

  37. Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning with Non-ignorable Non-response. NeurIPS 2019. paper

    Fan Zhou, Tengfei Li, Haibo Zhou, Hongtu Zhu, Ye Jieping.

  38. A Flexible Generative Framework for Graph-based Semi-supervised Learning. NeurIPS 2019. paper

    Jiaqi Ma, Weijing Tang, Ji Zhu, Qiaozhu Mei.

  39. Semi-Implicit Graph Variational Auto-Encoders. NeurIPS 2019. paper

    Arman Hasanzadeh, Ehsan Hajiramezanali, Krishna Narayanan, Nick Duffield, Mingyuan Zhou, Xiaoning Qian.

  40. Hyperbolic Graph Neural Networks. NeurIPS 2019. paper

    Qi Liu, Maximilian Nickel, Douwe Kiela.

  41. Hyperbolic Graph Convolutional Neural Networks. NeurIPS 2019. paper

    Ines Chami, Zhitao Ying, Christopher Ré, Jure Leskovec.

  42. Graph Neural Tangent Kernel: Fusing Graph Neural Networks with Graph Kernels. NeurIPS 2019. paper

    Simon Du, Kangcheng Hou, Russ Salakhutdinov, Barnabas Poczos, Ruosong Wang, Keyulu Xu.

  43. SNEQ: Semi-supervised Attributed Network Embedding with Attention-based Quantisation. AAAI 2020. paper

    Tao He, Lianli Gao, Jingkuan Song, Xin Wang, Kejie Huang, Yuan-­‐Fang Li.

  44. Going Deep: Graph Convolutional Ladder-Shape Networks. AAAI 2020. paper

    Ruiqi Hu, Shirui Pan, Guodong Long, Qinghua Lu, Liming Zhu, Jing Jiang.

  45. Co-GCN for Multi-View Semi-Supervised Learning. AAAI 2020. paper

    Shu Li, Wen-­‐Tao Li, Wei Wang.

  46. Graph Representation Learning via Ladder Gamma Variational Autoencoders. AAAI 2020. paper

    Arindam Sarkar, Nikhil Mehta, Piyush Rai.

  47. GSSNN: Graph Smoothing Splines Neural Networks. AAAI 2020. paper

    Shichao Zhu, Lewei Zhou, Shirui Pan, Chuan Zhou, Guiying Yan, Bin Wang.

  48. Effective Decoding in Graph Auto-Encoder using Triadic Closure. AAAI 2020. paper

    Han Shi, Haozheng Fan, James T. Kwok.

  49. An Attention-based Graph Neural Network for Heterogeneous Structural Learning. AAAI 2020. paper

    Huiting Hong, Hantao Guo, Yucheng Lin, Xiaoqing Yang, Zang Li, Jieping Ye.

  50. Fast and Deep Graph Neural Networks. AAAI 2020. paper

    Claudio Gallicchio, Alessio Micheli.

  51. Hypergraph Label Propagation Network. AAAI 2020. paper

    Yubo Zhang, Nan Wang, Yufeng Chen, Changqing Zou, Hai Wan, Xibin Zhao, Yue Gao.

  52. Learning Signed Network Embedding via Graph Attention. AAAI 2020. paper

    Yu Li, Yuan Tian, Jiawei Zhang, Yi Chang.

  53. GraLSP: Graph Neural Networks with Local Structural Patterns. AAAI 2020. paper

    Yilun Jin, Guojie Song, Chuan Shi.

  54. ASAP: Adaptive Structure Aware Pooling for Learning Hierarchical Graph Representations. AAAI 2020. paper

    Ekagra Ranjan, Soumya Sanyal, Partha Pratim Talukdar.

  55. Multi‐Stage Self­‐Supervised Learning for Graph Convolutional Networks on Graphs with Few Labeled Nodes. AAAI 2020. paper

    Ke Sun, Zhouchen Lin, Zhanxing Zhu.

  56. Collaborative Graph Convolutional Networks: Unsupervised Learning Meets Semi-­‐Supervised Learning. AAAI 2020. paper

    Binyuan Hui, Pengfei Zhu, Qinghua, Hu.

  57. A Multi­‐Scale Approach for Graph Link Prediction. AAAI 2020. paper

    Lei Cai, Shuiwang Ji.

  58. Adaptive Structural Fingerprints for Graph Attention Networks. ICLR 2020. paper

    Kai Zhang, Yaokang Zhu, Jun Wang, Jie Zhang.

  59. Strategies for Pre-training Graph Neural Networks. ICLR 2020. paper

    Weihua Hu, Bowen Liu, Joseph Gomes, Marinka Zitnik, Percy Liang, Vijay Pande, Jure Leskovec.

  60. DropEdge: Towards Deep Graph Convolutional Networks on Node Classification. ICLR 2020. paper

    Yu Rong, Wenbing Huang, Tingyang Xu, Junzhou Huang.

  61. Directional Message Passing for Molecular Graphs. ICLR 2020. paper

    Johannes Klicpera, Janek Groß, Stephan Günnemann.

  62. DeepSphere: a graph-based spherical CNN. ICLR 2020. paper

    Michaël Defferrard, Martino Milani, Frédérick Gusset, Nathanaël Perraudin.

  63. Geom-GCN: Geometric Graph Convolutional Networks. ICLR 2020. paper

    Hongbin Pei, Bingzhe Wei, Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang, Yu Lei, Bo Yang.

  64. Curvature Graph Network. ICLR 2020. paper

    Ze Ye, Kin Sum Liu, Tengfei Ma, Jie Gao, Chao Chen.

  65. Measuring and Improving the Use of Graph Information in Graph Neural Networks. ICLR 2020. paper

    Yifan Hou, Jian Zhang, James Cheng, Kaili Ma, Richard T. B. Ma, Hongzhi Chen, Ming-Chang Yang.

  66. Memory-Based Graph Networks. ICLR 2020. paper

    Amir Hosein Khasahmadi, Kaveh Hassani, Parsa Moradi, Leo Lee, Quaid Morris.

  67. Pruned Graph Scattering Transforms. ICLR 2020. paper

    Vassilis N. Ioannidis, Siheng Chen, Georgios B. Giannakis.

  68. Neural Execution of Graph Algorithms. ICLR 2020. paper

    Petar Veličković, Rex Ying, Matilde Padovano, Raia Hadsell, Charles Blundell.

  69. GraphSAINT: Graph Sampling Based Inductive Learning Method. ICLR 2020. paper

    Hanqing Zeng, Hongkuan Zhou, Ajitesh Srivastava, Rajgopal Kannan, Viktor Prasanna.

  70. Graph inference learning for semi-supervised classification. ICLR 2020. paper

    Chunyan Xu, Zhen Cui, Xiaobin Hong, Tong Zhang, Jian Yang, Wei Liu.

  71. SGAS: Sequential Greedy Architecture Search. CVPR 2020. paper

    Guohao Li, Guocheng Qian, Itzel C. Delgadillo, Matthias Müller, Ali Thabet, Bernard Ghanem.

  72. Adaptive Propagation Graph Convolutional Network. IEEE TNNLS 2020. paper

    Indro Spinelli, Simone Scardapane, Aurelio Uncini.

Graph Types

  1. DyRep: Learning Representations over Dynamic Graphs. ICLR 2019. paper

    Rakshit Trivedi, Mehrdad Farajtabar, Prasenjeet Biswal, Hongyuan Zha.

  2. Hypergraph Neural Networks. AAAI 2019. paper

    Yifan Feng, Haoxuan You, Zizhao Zhang, Rongrong Ji, Yue Gao.

  3. Heterogeneous Graph Attention Network. WWW 2019. paper

    Xiao Wang, Houye Ji, Chuan Shi, Bai Wang, Peng Cui, P. Yu, Yanfang Ye.

  4. Representation Learning for Attributed Multiplex Heterogeneous Network. KDD 2019. paper

    Yukuo Cen, Xu Zou, Jianwei Zhang, Hongxia Yang, Jingren Zhou, Jie Tang.

  5. ActiveHNE: Active Heterogeneous Network Embedding. IJCAI 2019. paper

    Xia Chen, Guoxian Yu, Jun Wang, Carlotta Domeniconi, Zhao Li, Xiangliang Zhang.

  6. GCN-LASE: Towards Adequately Incorporating Link Attributes in Graph Convolutional Networks. IJCAI 2019. paper

    Ziyao Li, Liang Zhang, Guojie Song.

  7. Dynamic Hypergraph Neural Networks. IJCAI 2019. paper

    Jianwen Jiang, Yuxuan Wei, Yifan Feng, Jingxuan Cao, Yue Gao.

  8. Exploiting Interaction Links for Node Classification with Deep Graph Neural Networks. IJCAI 2019. paper

    Hogun Park, Jennifer Neville.

  9. Exploiting Edge Features in Graph Neural Networks. CVPR 2019. paper

    Liyu Gong, Qiang Cheng.

  10. HyperGCN: A New Method For Training Graph Convolutional Networks on Hypergraphs. NeurIPS 2019. paper

    Naganand Yadati, Madhav Nimishakavi, Prateek Yadav, Vikram Nitin, Anand Louis, Partha Talukdar.

  11. Graph Transformer Networks. NeurIPS 2019. paper

    Seongjun Yun, Minbyul Jeong, Raehyun Kim, Jaewoo Kang, Hyunwoo Kim.

  12. Recurrent Space-time Graph Neural Networks. NeurIPS 2019. paper

    Andrei Nicolicioiu, Iulia Duta, Marius Leordeanu.

  13. EvolveGCN: Evolving Graph Convolutional Networks for Dynamic Graphs. AAAI 2020. paper

    Aldo Pareja, Giacomo Domeniconi, Jie Chen, Tengfei Ma, Toyotaro Suzumura, Hiroki Kanezashi, Tim Kaler, Tao B. Schardl, Charles E. Leiserson.

  14. Spatial-Temporal Synchronous Graph Convolutional Networks: A New Framework for Spatial-Temporal Network Data Forecasting. AAAI 2020. paper

    Chao Song, Youfang Lin, Shengnan Guo, Huaiyu Wan.

  15. Type-aware Anchor Link Prediction across Heterogeneous Networks based on Graph Attention Network. AAAI 2020. paper

    Xiaoxue Li, Yanmin Shang, Yanan Cao, Yangxi Li, Jianlong Tan, Yanbing Liu.

  16. Composition-based Multi-Relational Graph Convolutional Networks. ICLR 2020. paper

    Shikhar Vashishth, Soumya Sanyal, Vikram Nitin, Partha Talukdar.

  17. Inductive representation learning on temporal graphs. ICLR 2020. paper

    da Xu, chuanwei ruan, evren korpeoglu, sushant kumar, kannan achan.

  18. Hyper-SAGNN: a self-attention based graph neural network for hypergraphs. ICLR 2020. paper

    Ruochi Zhang, Yuesong Zou, Jian Ma.

Pooling Methods

  1. An End-to-End Deep Learning Architecture for Graph Classification. AAAI 2018. paper

    Muhan Zhang, Zhicheng Cui, Marion Neumann, Yixin Chen.

  2. Hierarchical Graph Representation Learning with Differentiable Pooling. NeurIPS 2018. paper

    Zhitao Ying, Jiaxuan You, Christopher Morris, Xiang Ren, Will Hamilton, Jure Leskovec.

  3. Self-Attention Graph Pooling. ICML 2019. paper

    Junhyun Lee, Inyeop Lee, Jaewoo Kang.

  4. Graph U-Nets. ICML 2019. paper

    Hongyang Gao, Shuiwang Ji.

  5. Graph Convolutional Networks with EigenPooling. KDD 2019. paper

    Yao Ma, Suhang Wang, Charu C. Aggarwal, Jiliang Tang.

  6. Relational Pooling for Graph Representations. ICML 2019. paper

    Ryan L. Murphy, Balasubramaniam Srinivasan, Vinayak Rao, Bruno Ribeiro.

  7. Break the Ceiling: Stronger Multi-scale Deep Graph Convolutional Networks. NeurIPS 2019. paper

    Sitao Luan, Mingde Zhao, Xiao-Wen Chang, Doina Precup.

  8. Diffusion Improves Graph Learning. NeurIPS 2019. paper

    Johannes Klicpera, Stefan Weißenberger, Stephan Günnemann.

  9. Hierarchical Graph Pooling with Structure Learning. AAAI 2020. paper

    Zhen Zhang, Jiajun Bu, Martin Ester, Jianfeng Zhang, Chengwei Yao, Zhi Yu, Can Wang.

  10. StructPool: Structured Graph Pooling via Conditional Random Fields. ICLR 2020. paper

    Hao Yuan, Shuiwang Ji.

  11. Spectral Clustering with Graph Neural Networks for Graph Pooling. ICML 2020. paper

    Filippo Maria Bianchi, Daniele Grattarola, Cesare Alippi.


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