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Experimental OpenCL voxel rendering/raymarching via Clojure REPL (from 2013)

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Experimental OpenCL voxel rendering/raymarching via Clojure REPL.

** Usage

+BEGIN_SRC shell

git clone [email protected]:thi-ng/raymarchcl.git cd raymarchcl lein repl


*** Prepare test voxel data

+BEGIN_SRC clojure

(require '[ :as rm]) (require '[ :as gen]) (require '[ :as vio])

;; generates a 134MB binary file in project root for later reference (vio/save-volume "gyroid-512.vox" 512 (gen/make-gyroid-volume {:vres [512 512 512]}))


*** Rendering from the REPL

+BEGIN_SRC clojure

(rm/test-render :width 640 :height 360 :iter 1 :vres 512 :vname "gyroid-512.vox" :mat :orange-stripes :theta -45 :dist 2.25 :dof 1e-5 :out-path "out.jpg")


Important note: Increase the =:iter= count for better quality images!

Material presets are defined in the [[./src/thi/ng/raymarchcl/materials.clj][materials namespace]], currently only:

  • =:orange-stripes=
  • =:metal=
  • =:metal2=
  • =:ao=

Different voxel value bands are mapped to different materials within each preset.

** Gallery of selected experiments

*** Stanford Dragon



*** Stanford bunny


*** Gyroid isosurface

The next two images were rendered w/ 100 iteration to reduce DOF noise








*** NVidia Tesla on EC2

These images were rendered using Tesla instances on AWS EC2 (back in 2013)



** License

Copyright © 2013 - 2015 Karsten Schmidt

Distributed under the Apache Software License 2.0

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