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Nelmio Alice extension to persist the loaded fixtures.

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Alice 3.x no longer ships with a persistence layer, so this library provides one!

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  • Symfony 3.4, 4.0+, 5.0+
  • Doctrine ORM 2.5+
  • Doctrine ODM 1.2+
  • Doctrine PHPCR 1.4+
  • Eloquent 5.5+
  • Propel 2


  1. Installation
    1. Without Symfony
    2. Symfony with Flex
    3. Symfony without flex
      1. Doctrine ORM
      2. Doctrine ODM
      3. Doctrine PHPCR
      4. Eloquent ORM
      5. Configuration
  2. Basic usage
  3. Configuration
  4. Advanced usage
    1. Processors
    2. Exclude tables from purge
    3. Usage in tests
      1. PHPUnit
      2. Behat
  5. Contributing


The full configuration reference is:

# app/config/config.yml

Default config

fidry_alice_data_fixtures: default_purge_mode: ~ # default is "delete" but you can change it to "truncate" or "no_purge" db_drivers: doctrine_orm: ~ doctrine_mongodb_odm: ~ doctrine_phpcr_odm: ~ eloquent_orm: ~

For each driver, is the appropriate bundle is detected, e.g. DoctrineORMBundle for Doctrine and WouterJEloquentBundle for Eloquent, the services related to those driver will be enabled. If you want to skip those checks you can turn a specific driver to

instead. If you want to disable a specific driver, simply force the value

Basic usage

Create a fixture file in

# src/AppBundle/Resources/fixtures/dummy.yml

AppBundle\Entity\Dummy: dummy_{1..10}: name: related_dummy: '@related_dummy*'

# src/AppBundle/Resources/fixtures/related_dummy.yml

AppBundle\Entity\RelatedDummy: related_dummy_{1..10}: name:

Then you can load those files using a

// Choose your loader
$loader = $container->get('fidry_alice_data_fixtures.loader.doctrine');         // For Doctrine ORM
$loader = $container->get('fidry_alice_data_fixtures.loader.doctrine_mongodb'); // For Doctrine MongoDB ODM
$loader = $container->get('fidry_alice_data_fixtures.loader.doctrine_phpcr');   // For Doctrine PHPCR
$loader = $container->get('fidry_alice_data_fixtures.loader.eloquent');         // For Eloquent ORM

// Purge the objects, create PHP objects from the fixture files and persist them $objects = $loader->load($files);

// $objects is now an array of persisted Dummy and RelatedDummy

Warning: loading the objects does not trigger a

. This means if you are relying on some Doctrine life-cycle events in your tests, some may not be triggered as expected. See #84 For more information.

Advanced Usage

Check the advance usage entry.


Clone the project

To launch Docker containers for databases, run

make start_databases

Run tests with

make test

To stop containers for databases, run

make stop_databases

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