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Org Mode Static Site Generator

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A Static Site Generator for Org Mode


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  • Overview

Firn generates a static site from org-mode files. It is a bit different from other static site generators, in that it intends to be a drop in solution for creating sites from already existing folders of org-files. Further, because org-mode has great capacity for collecting and displaying different kinds of data (links, logbooks, drawers, task keywords, tags) we can make this data available when org-content is parsed into a data structure.

Currently, running the =firn= binary on a directory of org files performs the following:

  • Reads all .org files in the directory recursively.
  • Parses org-files into data structures with [[][Orgize.]]
  • Collects all file links and logbooks across all files.
  • Passes files through a template system with Hiccup, and renders to HTML.

  • Quickstart

  1. Download the [][latest release], or use the below code snippet to install: #+BEGINSRC sh curl -s -o install-firn chmod +x install-firn && ./install-firn # you may need to run the install script with sudo and/or run it with the absolute PWD path: # sudo ~//install-firn #+ENDSRC
  2. Navigate to your directory of org files
  3. Run =firn new=
  4. Run =firn serve=
  5. Run =firn build= when ready to put your site online!
  • Usage

The Firn documentation is available [[][here]] and is mirrored and built from the [[file:docs/][docs/]] folder in this repo.


Firn - A static-site generator for org-mode.

Usage: firn [options] action

Options: -p, --port PORT 4000 Port number -h, --help -v, --version -r, --repl -d, --dir PATH /Users/tees/Projects/firn/firn Absolute path of directory to build/serve

Actions: build Build a static site in a directory with org files. new Scaffold files and folders needed to start a new site. serve Runs a development server for processed org files.


** Docker

Firn can also be used in Docker.


docker run -it --rm -p 4000:4000 -v "$PWD":"$PWD" --workdir "$PWD" theiceshelf/firn --help


I do not use docker commonly, so please do not rely on this image being always up to date.

** Building

*** Clojure Repl + Local Rust Binary 1. Run ~make install~ *** Final Binary This creates a single binary called =firn=. (Not recommended for local development).


git clone [email protected]:theiceshelf/firn.git && cd firn

compile Rust, Clojure and the GraalVM Native Image.



*** Container image

Firn can be built as a container image, using

+begin_src sh

docker build -t theiceshelf/firn .


Note: I personally do not use this method, so I cannot confirm that this works / will always work.

** Recommended Development Flow

Firn is a Clojure code base that reaches out to a library compiled with Rust. Note: /While you don't have to install Rust, as we vendor the Rust binaries in =clojure/resources=, these may not always be up to date./

This is my personal workflow for developing, it may or may not be useful.

  • I open ~core.clj~ and boot up a Cider REPL in Emacs.
  • I eval the CLI functions (new, serve, build) in ~core.clj~ under the ~(comment ..)~ block at the end of the file.
  • When building a feature, I write the code, evaluate it, and then eval the CLI commands again in ~core.clj~. I use ~cider-eval-region~ to both stop =mount= (if the server is running) and to re-run the CLI command.
  • I usually run the tests on the docs folder that is bundled in the repo:
    • ~(mount/stop) (-main "serve" "-d" "/firn/docs")~
  • In emacs, I use ~m-x setenv~ and at the prompt enter ~DEV~ for name and it's value to ~TRUE~
    • this prevents CLI exit codes from ending the REPL process.
  • While developing, any org-parsing happens by having Clojure code shells out to the dev-parser specific to your systems architecture..
  • If you need to make changes to the rust dev-parser, you can re-build the binary by running =make dev-parser= in the repo root..
  • Thank-you's

  • PoiScript's org-mode [[][parser]].

  • Thank you to [[][@borkdude]] for building some awesome libraries ([[][sci]] is used in firn to evaluate layouts) and for answering questions about compiling with GraalVM /and/ for figuring out how to compile [[][rust and clojure together]].

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