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Terminal Colorscheme Generator and Converter

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Short version

If you already have Go installed and configured:

go get

Less Short Version

This method doesn't require a GOPATH, but it is recommended that you configure one.

  • Install Go
  • Clone this repository
  • Run 'go build' inside directory with main.go file to build binary
  • Run newly created binary from the command line

Long Version

Installing and configuring Go

To build this program, you will need to have Go installed and properly configured. After installing the Go package, you will need to configure a GOPATH. This is a directory in which Go will keep its programs and source files. I recommend making the GOPATH directory in your home folder. If your GOPATH is in your root directory a kitten will die.

mkdir ~/Go

You will also need to set the GOPATH variable so that Go knows where to put things. You can do this by running:

export GOPATH=$HOME/Go

NOTE: You don't need to (and shouldn't) set the $GOROOT variable. This is handled for you and you shouldn't mess with it.

Installing schemer

You should now be able to install schemer using the command:

go get

And it will be built in your GOPATH directory, in a subdirectory named 'bin'. To run it, you can either add $GOPATH/bin to your system path and run it as you would any other command. Or cd into the bin directory and run it with:



Reading from terminal config and outputting to image

schemer2 -format xterm::img -in .Xresources -out image.png

Reading from that image and outputting terminal config (lilyterm)

schemer2 -format img::lilyterm -in image.png

Reading from Xresources and outputting in termite format

schemer2 -format xterm::termite -in .Xresources

Getting colors from image, and outputting a new image

schemer2 -format img::img -in image.png -out new.png


  • Reads configuration for several different terminals
  • Outputs configuration in several different formats for different terminals.
  • Can output colors as a generated image/wallpaper either random or customized
  • Configurable color difference threshold
  • Configurable minimum and maximum brightness value

Supported input formats

  • Images (png, jpeg)
  • Xfce4 terminalrc
  • Lilyterm config
  • Terminator config
  • Termite config
  • Xterm/URXvt and variants

Supported output formats

  • Images (png)
  • Colors in plain text
  • Konsole
  • xterm/rxvt/aterm
  • urxvt
  • iTerm2
  • XFCE Terminal
  • Roxterm
  • LilyTerm
  • Terminator
  • Chrome Shell
  • OS X Terminal
  • Gnome Terminal (dconf only for now)

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