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:bulb: Atomic Boolean library for cleaner Go code, optimized for performance yet simple to use.

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ABool :bulb:

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Atomic Boolean package for Go, optimized for performance yet simple to use.

Designed for cleaner code.


import "github.com/tevino/abool"

cond := abool.New() // default to false

cond.Set() // Sets to true cond.IsSet() // Returns true cond.UnSet() // Sets to false cond.IsNotSet() // Returns true cond.SetTo(any) // Sets to whatever you want cond.SetToIf(new, old) // Sets to new only if the Boolean matches the old, returns whether succeeded cond.Toggle() // Inverts the boolean then returns the value before inverting

// embedding type Foo struct { cond *abool.AtomicBool // always use pointer to avoid copy }


  • Go 1.14.3
  • Linux 4.19.0
goos: linux
goarch: amd64


BenchmarkMutexRead-4 86662128 14.2 ns/op BenchmarkAtomicValueRead-4 1000000000 0.755 ns/op BenchmarkAtomicBoolRead-4 1000000000 0.720 ns/op #

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