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Packages using the X Window System.

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Termux X11 Packages

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There are located build scripts and patches for Termux X11 packages.

Programs using the X11 Windowing System cannot be used standalone like normal command-line utilities. Termux does not provide a native way for video output and therefore you will need to install additional software.

The recommended setup is a VNC server (package

) running on localhost and a VNC Viewer Android application for accessing the video output.

There possible to use other Xserver solutions like XServer XSDL, but they are not guaranteed to work properly with our packages.

More information about setting up a graphical environment is on the Termux Wiki.

Only for Termux installations on Android 7.0 or higher.

How to enable this repository

To enable this package repository run:

pkg install x11-repo

Building packages

You can build all packages manually by using the provided docker image. The only requirements are Linux-based host with Docker installed.

  1. Clone this repository:

    git clone https://github.com/termux/x11-packages
  2. Enter build environment (will download docker image if necessary):

    cd ./x11-packages
  3. Choose package you want to build and run:

    ./build-package.sh -a ${arch} ${package name}
    with target CPU architecture and
    ${package name}
    with package name you want to build.


I am working on packages in my spare time and probably will not be able to process your issues instantly. It would be very helpful if you submit a pull request with new packages or bug fixes.

If you wish to contribute, please take a look at X11 packages contributing guide and developer's wiki pages.

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