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Python script to create Termux packages easily.

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A tool to create lightweight deb packages.

By default it creates deb files for installation in the

__ Linux environment, but by specifying e.g.
--prefix /usr
a deb file can be created for any .deb-using distribution such as Debian or Ubuntu.


Install it with

apt install termux-create-package
to use inside Termux.

If you want to run this tool in a non-Termux environment (Linux/macOS), install with

pip3 install termux-create-package
after making sure that Python 3 is installed.


This tool expects packages to be defined in JSON manifest files. Run

termux-create-package -h
for more information.

An example manifest file is given below:

.. code:: json

  "name": "myproject",
  "version": "1.0",
  "homepage": "",
  "maintainer": "@mynick",
  "description": "my description",
  "arch": "all",
  "depends": ["dependency"],
  "files" :{
    "": "bin/myfile",
    "": "lib/"

The fields are as follows:

  • name: The name of your package.
  • version: The version of the package.
  • maintainer: Optional informative field specifying who maintains the package.
  • homepage: Optional informative field specifying a homepage URL.
  • description: Optional informative field containing a short description of the package.
  • depends: Comma-separated list of packages that this package depends on. Will be installed automatically when this package is installed using
  • arch: Set to
    if the package only contains architecture-independent data, or one of arm/i686/aarch64/x86_64 as appropriate.
  • files: Files relative to the manifest file that should be included in the package. The keys are paths (relative to the current directory) to include and the values are paths where the files should end up at installation (relative to the
    path in Termux where everything is installed under).

Run the following command to create a package file named

$ termux-create-package manifest.json

This can then be installed in Termux using the command::

apt install ./my-package-file.deb

or may be added to a custom apt repository created with

__ or any other available tool.

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