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a pytorch code about Residual Attention Network. This code is based on two projects from

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A pytorch code about Residual Attention Network.

This code is based on two projects from and

The first project is the pytorch code, but i think some network detail is not good. So I modify it according to the architechure of the Attention-92-deploy.prototxt.

And I also add the ResidualAttentionModel92 for training imagenet, ResidualAttentionModel448input for larger image input, and ResidualAttentionModel9232input_update for training cifar10.

paper referenced

Residual Attention Network for Image Classification (CVPR-2017 Spotlight) By Fei Wang, Mengqing Jiang, Chen Qian, Shuo Yang, Chen Li, Honggang Zhang, Xiaogang Wang, Xiaoou Tang

how to train?

first, download the data from make sure the varible

is_train = True



you can train on ResidualAttentionModel56 or ResidualAttentionModel448input, only should modify the code in from "from model.residualattentionnetwork import ResidualAttentionModel92 as ResidualAttentionModel" to "from model.residualattentionnetwork import ResidualAttentionModel56 as ResidualAttentionModel"

how to test?

make sure the varible

is_train = False




  1. cifar-10: Acc-95.4(Top-1 err 4.6) with ResidualAttentionModel9232input_update(higher than paper top-1 err 4.99)

  2. cifar-10: Acc-96.65(Top-1 err 3.35) with ResidualAttentionModel9232input_update(with mixup).

  3. cifar-10: Acc-96.84(Top-1 err 3.16) with ResidualAttentionModel9232input_update(with mixup, with simpler attention module).

Thanks to @PistonY, who give me the advice of mixup. More details for mixup you can reference the project

the paper only give the archietcture details of attention_92 for imagenet with 224 input but not for cifar10. So I build the net following my understanding. I have not struggled for optimizing the code, so maybe you can do better based my code.

model file:

model92sgd.pkl is the trained model file, accuracy of 0.954

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