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telehash tools library in c

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telehash tools library in c

This is a full implementation of telehash in portable c for embedded systems, designed to be source that can be copied into other projects.


Just run

to build a
and some utility apps into
. Use
make test
to run a full test suite, and
make static
to generate a current standalone


npm install
to automatically install optional crypto dependencies (libsodium and libtomcrypt).

Library Interface

The codebase is a set of components that can be used to create/integrate telehash services, here's a rough layout, see src/ and include/ for details.

  • e3x_*
    : all of the crypto handling
  • mesh_*
    : higher level easy interfaces for apps
  • ext_*
    : various useful extensions to a mesh to support built-in channels
  • pipe_*
    : transport and networking handling
  • util_*
    and libs: portable utilities and bundled libs

There's many examples of usage in the bundled tests.

Memory Notes

Most of the codebase uses lob_t as the primary data type since it handles JSON and binary for all packets.

The following methods return generated lobs (you must free):

  • e3xchannelreceiving
  • e3xchannelsending
  • e3xchanneloob
  • e3xchannelpacket
  • e3xselfdecrypt
  • e3xexchangemessage
  • e3xexchangehandshake
  • e3xexchangereceive
  • link_handshakes
  • link_sync
  • link_resync
  • meshonopen (callback must return or free the given lob)

And these methods consume lobs (will be free'd):

  • e3xchannelreceive
  • e3xchannelsend
  • link_handshake
  • link_receive
  • linkreceivehandshake
  • link_send
  • link_flush
  • link_direct
  • mesh_handshake
  • mesh_handshakes
  • mesh_receive
  • meshreceivehandshake

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