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Rust Library for creating a Telegram Bot

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Rust Telegram Bot Library

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A library for writing your own Telegram bots. More information here. Official API here.


Here is a simple example (see


use std::env;

use futures::StreamExt; use telegram_bot::*;

#[tokio::main] async fn main() -> Result { let token = env::var("TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN").expect("TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN not set"); let api = Api::new(token);

// Fetch new updates via long poll method
let mut stream =;
while let Some(update) = {
    // If the received update contains a new message...
    let update = update?;
    if let UpdateKind::Message(message) = update.kind {
        if let MessageKind::Text { ref data, .. } = message.kind {
            // Print received text message to stdout.
            println!(": {}", &message.from.first_name, data);

            // Answer message with "Hi".
                "Hi, {}! You just wrote '{}'",
                &message.from.first_name, data


You can find a bigger examples in the



This library is available via
. In order to use it, just add this to your
telegram-bot = "0.7"

The library allows you to do E2E-testing of your bot easily: just specify

environment variable to point to your fake Telegram test server. A lot of diagnostic information can be collected with tracing framework, see


Yes please! Every type of contribution is welcome: Create issues, hack some code or make suggestions. Don't know where to start? Good first issues are tagged with up for grab.

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