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Image Super-Resolution Using Deep Convolutional Networks in Tensorflow

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Tensorflow implementation of Convolutional Neural Networks for super-resolution. The original Matlab and Caffe from official website can be found here.


  • Tensorflow
  • Scipy version > 0.18 ('mode' option from scipy.misc.imread function)
  • h5py
  • matplotlib

This code requires Tensorflow. Also scipy is used instead of Matlab or OpenCV. Especially, installing OpenCV at Linux is sort of complicated. So, with reproducing this paper, I used scipy instead. For more imformation about scipy, click here.


For training,


For testing,
python --is_train False --stride 21


After training 15,000 epochs, I got similar super-resolved image to reference paper. Training time takes 12 hours 16 minutes and 1.41 seconds. My desktop performance is Intel I7-6700 CPU, GTX970, and 16GB RAM. Result images are shown below.

Original butterfly image: orig
Bicubic interpolated image: bicubic
Super-resolved image: srcnn


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