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Hybrid A*路径规划器的代码注释

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Hybrid A* ROS源码中文注释

本仓库是Hybrid A* 的ROS版代码注释,原始代码地址为:


  • DOLGOV D, THRUN S, MONTEMERLO M, et al. Practical search techniques in path planning for autonomous driving[J]. Ann Arbor, 2008, 1001(48105):18-80.
  • KURZERK. Path Planning in Unstructured Environments: A Real-time Hybrid A* Implementation for Fast and Deterministic Path Generation for the KTH Research Concept Vehicle[Z].2016.
  • OK K, ANSARI S, GALLAGHER B, et al. Path planning with uncertainty: Voronoi uncertainty fields[C]//2013 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation. 2013:4596-4601.
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  • 齐尧, 徐友春, 李华等. 一种基于改进混合 A* 的智能车路径规划算法[J]. 军事交通学院学报, 2018(2018 年 08):85-90.

Dubins路径生成参考文献(源码来源): - Shkel A M, Lumelsky V. Classification of the Dubins set[J]. Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 2001, 34(4): 179-202. - Giese A. A Comprehensive, Step-by-Step Tutorial on Computing Dubins’s Curves[J]. 2014. - Eriksson-Bique S, Kirkpatrick D, Polishchuk V. Discrete dubins paths[J]. arXiv preprint arXiv:1211.2365, 2012.

Reeds-Shepp曲线参考文献: - Reeds J, Shepp L. Optimal paths for a car that goes both forwards and backwards[J]. Pacific journal of mathematics, 1990, 145(2): 367-393.


  • 注释主要分布在
  • 若有错误请在Issues里提出,会尽快更正


翻译的文献为: Paden B, Čáp M, Yong S Z, et al. A survey of motion planning and control techniques for self-driving urban vehicles[J]. IEEE Transactions on intelligent vehicles, 2016, 1(1): 33-55.


以下为原始Hybrid A Star算法的README内容

Hybrid A* Path Planner for the KTH Research Concept Vehicle Build Status

The code in this repository is the result of my master's thesis which I have written at the Integrated Research Lab (ITRL) at KTH Royal Institute of Technology (2016). The code is documented here and the associated thesis can be found here.

The goal of the thesis and hence this code is to create a real-time path planning algorithm for the nonholonomic Research Concept Vehicle (RCV). The algorithm uses a binary obstacle map as an input, generated using LIDAR mounted on top of the vehicle. The algorithm is being developed using C++ due to real-time requirements in combination with ROS to ensure modularity and portability as well as using RViz as a visualization/simulation environment.

Key Characteristics
  • Sampling in continuous space with 72 different headings per cell (5° discretization)
  • Constrained Heuristic - nonholonomic without obstacles
  • Unconstrained Heuristic - holonomic with obstacles
  • Dubin's Shot
  • C++ real-time implementation (~10 Hz)

Large parts of the implementation are closely related to the hybrid A* algorithm developed by Dmitri Dolgov and Sebastian Thrun (Path Planning for Autonomous Vehicles in Unknown Semi-structured Environments DOI: 10.1177/0278364909359210)


Reversing in a Maze Parking Mitigating a U-shape Obstacle



Run the following command to clone, build, and launch the package (requires a sources ROS environment):

sudo apt install libompl-dev \
&& mkdir -p ~/catkin_ws/src \
&& cd ~/catkin_ws/src \
&& git clone  \
&& cd .. \
&& catkin_make \
&& source devel/setup.bash \
&& rospack profile \
&& roslaunch hybrid_astar manual.launch

Visualization (Rviz)

  1. Add -> By Topic -> /map, /path, /pathVehicle, (/visualizeNode2DPoses)
  2. Click 2D Pose Estimate to set a start point on the map (
  3. Click 2D Nav Goal to set a goal point on the map (
  4. Wait for the path being searched! (this process can be visualized [optional])


In case you are using my code for your project, I would appreciate if you include a respective citation.

  author       = {Karl Kurzer}, 
  title        = {Path Planning in Unstructured Environments : A Real-time Hybrid A* Implementation for Fast and Deterministic Path Generation for the KTH Research Concept Vehicle},
  school       = {KTH Royal Institute of Technology},
  year         = 2016,
  month        = 12,

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