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ICMP ping library for Go inspired by AnyEvent::FastPing Perl module

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go-fastping is a Go language ICMP ping library, inspired by the

Perl module, for quickly sending ICMP ECHO REQUEST packets. Original Perl module is available at http://search.cpan.org/~mlehmann/AnyEvent-FastPing-2.01/

All original functions haven't been implemented yet.



Install and update with

go get -u github.com/tatsushid/go-fastping


Import this package and write

p := fastping.NewPinger()
ra, err := net.ResolveIPAddr("ip4:icmp", os.Args[1])
if err != nil {
p.OnRecv = func(addr *net.IPAddr, rtt time.Duration) {
    fmt.Printf("IP Addr: %s receive, RTT: %v\n", addr.String(), rtt)
p.OnIdle = func() {
err = p.Run()
if err != nil {

The example sends an ICMP packet and waits for a response. If it receives a response, it calls the "receive" callback. After that, once MaxRTT time has passed, it calls the "idle" callback. For more details, refer to the godoc, and if you need more examples, please see "cmd/ping/ping.go".


This package implements ICMP ping using both raw socket and UDP. If your program uses this package in raw socket mode, it needs to be run as a root user.


go-fastping is under MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details.

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