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UILabel subclass that renders see through text using CoreText, textColor is clearColor.

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ClearTextLabel - iOS (Objective-C)

is a
subclass that creates a label with see-through text.


  • iOS 6.0 or later
  • CoreFoundation.framework
  • CoreText.framework
  • QuartzCore.framework
  • ARC (either project is ARC or ClearTextLabel is compiled with


  • Want a pod for this, just add following line to your podfile-

    pod 'ClearTextLabel'
  • You may wish to copy the source files directly, totally up to you.

How To Use

Using ClearTextLabel is as simple as using regular UILabel :

ClearTextLabel* objCTLbl = [[ClearTextLabel alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(20, 100, 280, 368)];
objCTLbl.text = @"Can this be drawn with transparency ?";
[self.view addSubview:objCTLbl];

ClearTextLabel draws the text provided to it with transparency. * It uses CoreGraphics Context to draw the letters' CGPath. * Letters' CGPath, how ? Well what's CoreText there for ?

How It Looks


Demo App

Demo app includes the most basic regular example just for reference.

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