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Symfony Flex REST API template project

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JSON REST API which is build on top of Symfony framework.

This application is mean to use as an

that some frontend application(s) or different backend application(s) uses as they like.

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  • *nix platform
    - most likely you're going to host your application on *nix platform - so I would recommend to do development also on that platform.
  • Makefile
    support - if you don't have this you need to look
    file to see what each
    command is doing.


This installation guide expects that you're using docker-compose.

1. Clone repository

Use your favorite IDE and get checkout from GitHub or just use following command

git clone

2. Start containers

For this just run following command:

make start

This command will create three (3) containers to run this backend application. Those containers are following:

  • php (this is for actual application)
  • nginx (this will serve application)
  • mysql (MySQL 5.7 which will store all the data of application)

3. Using application

By default

make start
docker-compose up
command starts those three containers and exposes following ports on
  • 8000 (nginx + php-fpm)
  • 3310 (mysql)

And this application is usable within your browser on


MySQL credentials:

user: root
password: password

4. Getting shell to container

After you've run

make start
docker-compose up
command you can list all running containers with
docker ps

And to eg. get shell access inside one of those containers you can run following command:

make bash

Where that

is that actual container where this backend application is running.

5. Building containers

For time to time you probably need to build containers again. This is something that you should do everytime if you have some problems to get containers up and running. This you can do with following command:

make start-build


So this is an API backend what about frontend then? No worries I've made simple Angular NgRx powered template frontend which work with this backend just out of the box.

Angular NgRx powered frontend template for Symfony backend

With these two template applications it should be quite easy to start to build your own application - right?


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