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Export from an Elasticsearch into a CSV file

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A CLI tool for exporting data from Elasticsearch into a CSV file

Command line utility, written in Python, for querying Elasticsearch in Lucene query syntax or Query DSL syntax and exporting result as documents into a CSV file. This tool can query bulk docs in multiple indices and get only selected fields, this reduces query execution time.

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.. figure::


| This tool should be used with Elasticsearch 5.x version, for older version please check

2.x release 
. | You also need
Python 2.7.x 


From source:

.. code-block:: bash

$ pip install git+

From pip:

.. code-block:: bash

$ pip install es2csv


.. code-block:: bash

$ es2csv [-h] -q QUERY [-u URL] [-a AUTH] [-i INDEX [INDEX ...]] [-D DOCTYPE [DOCTYPE ...]] [-t TAGS [TAGS ...]] -o FILE [-f FIELDS [FIELDS ...]] [-S FIELDS [FIELDS ...]] [-d DELIMITER] [-m INTEGER] [-s INTEGER] [-k] [-r] [-e] [--verify-certs] [--ca-certs CA_CERTS] [--client-cert CLIENT_CERT] [--client-key CLIENT_KEY] [-v] [--debug]

Arguments: -q, --query QUERY Query string in Lucene syntax. [required] -o, --output-file FILE CSV file location. [required] -u, --url URL Elasticsearch host URL. Default is http://localhost:9200. -a, --auth Elasticsearch basic authentication in the form of username:password. -i, --index-prefixes INDEX [INDEX ...] Index name prefix(es). Default is ['logstash-*']. -D, --doc-types DOCTYPE [DOCTYPE ...] Document type(s). -t, --tags TAGS [TAGS ...] Query tags. -f, --fields FIELDS [FIELDS ...] List of selected fields in output. Default is ['all']. -S, --sort FIELDS [FIELDS ...] List of : pairs to sort on. Default is []. -d, --delimiter DELIMITER Delimiter to use in CSV file. Default is ",". -m, --max INTEGER Maximum number of results to return. Default is 0. -s, --scroll-size INTEGER Scroll size for each batch of results. Default is 100. -k, --kibana-nested Format nested fields in Kibana style. -r, --raw-query Switch query format in the Query DSL. -e, --meta-fields Add meta-fields in output. --verify-certs Verify SSL certificates. Default is False. --ca-certs CACERTS Location of CA bundle. --client-cert CLIENTCERT Location of Client Auth cert. --client-key CLIENTKEY Location of Client Cert Key. -v, --version Show version and exit. --debug Debug mode on. -h, --help show this help message and exit


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