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Simple three columns theme for Hexo.Inspired by

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JSimple is a responsive blog theme for Hexo which include day-night mode, local search, article view count etc. Inspired by JianShu that in the earliest.

JSimple-Snapshot-Macbook Pro15


  1. Get it from GitHub
 $ git clone themes/jsimple
  1. Enable


setting in

To use of the local search, please add

  1. Update
 $ cd themes/jsimple
 $ git pull


For a quick start, see my Site backup may be more convenient.

site _config.yml

# choose your language. default Chinese
    - en
    - zh-cn

URL (Notice the permalink. Variable timestamp in was added from hexo lib source)

Please see the scripts in patch dir for more details

url: root: / permalink: :category/:entitle-:timestamp.html permalink_defaults: lang: en

Local search

search: path: search.json field: all content: true

Category alias

default_category: Tech category_map: Tech: tech-notes tag_map: hexo: hexo

theme _config.yml

# Master information. At the other hand, the fields int|avatar|authorLink|authorAbout|authorDesc)also have the same effects
## The priority in article config is higher than theme when you configuring at the same time. This used for multiplayer creation 
  name: Thomas Tang
  avatar: /images/favicon.png
  desc: Senior Chinglish writer and coder😁️️

Decide whether the 'Content-Security-Policy = upgrade-insecure-requests' will be add in head tag.

csp_enable: false

Article sort mode: -1(newer first),1(older first). home_article_shown means paging count

home_page_sort: -1 home_article_shown: 10

Article sticky top. You need to set top field to your The larger value of top the front the article.

sticky_top: enable: true

Article category navigation

menu: Tech: tech-notes Life: humanities

Left navigation link. The faName is in FontAwesome styles.


  • uri: help title: Help faName: fa-question-circle

Google AdSense. Support auto-ads and manual-unit

adsense: enable: false// manual-unit-ads auto: false// auto-ads client_id: archive_id: tags_id:
post_left_id: post_right_id: post_bottom_id:

Only support Disqus and Gitment so far.

comments: enable: false disqus_shortname: gitment: repo: githubID: ClientID: ClientSecret: lazy: true

Other config

Search Module

Because of the search in previous version didn't work well. Such as highlight content, responsive problem in small screen.

So I replace it with

. Thanks for Next theme.

There are two Chinese articles that told how to create local-search in hexo.

How sticky top and timestamp works

I have made some changes in hexo lib source code so that timestamp and sticky datasource could get when hexo-cli generating articles.

From version

, JSimple have been adding
scripts. You need to excute
was deleted.

You have to copy the

dir into your site dir, otherwise sticky top and timestamp in permalink will not work.


From version

. Google AdSense have been added. If you don't need this, just close it.

The other things about JSimple

If you don't understand Chinese. You can translate online by Google Translate 🤣🤣🤣

Browser support


All kinds of contributions (enhancements, new features, documentation & code improvements, issues & bugs reporting) are welcome.

Looking forward to your pull request.

Special thanks to iTimeTraveler and jiangmuzi, who designed the theme Hipaper and JianShu.


JSimple is under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details.


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