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:Spelling: talkatv :Pronounciation: /ˈtôkətiv/ - like "talkative" :Author: talkatv contributors, see AUTHORS :License: AGPLv3 or later

What is talkatv?

talkatv is a comment service much like DISQUS or IntenseDebate.

talkatv is open source and free to use.

talkatv is embedded on any page and uses

XMLHttpRequest level 2
_ and
Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
_ to post the comment back to the server.

.. _

XMLHttpRequest level 2
: .. _
Cross-Origin Resource Sharing

talkatv requires JavaScript, but has a non-javascript fallback which is a link to the talkatv server with an optional but recommended

?uri={{ page_uri }}
argument. If the
argument is not provided, talkatv will try to get the page URI from the
HTTP Referer
_ header.

.. _

HTTP Referer

talkatv supports OpenID authentication.


To install talkatv, run::

# Clone the repository
git clone git://
# Install the dependencies
sudo apt-get install python-dev python-virtualenv
pip install Flask sqlalchemy wtforms
# cd into the talkatv repository and create a new virtualenv
cd talkatv && (virtualenv --system-site-packages . || virtualenv .)
# Activate the virtualenv
. bin/activate
# Install the required dependencies into the virtualenv
python develop

Then initiate the database::


To run talkatv::


.. warning:: You have to run both dbupdate and from within your virtualenv.


Send a pull request on

_ or join us in
_ on Freenode!

.. _

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