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GHC(STG,Cmm,asm) illustrated

This is an illustrated document about the GHC(Glasgow Haskell Compiler).

Here is haskellghcillustrated.pdf.


  • Executable binary
  • Compile steps
  • Runtime System
  • Development languages

  • Machine layer/models

  • STG-machine

  • Heap object in STG-machine

  • STG-machine evaluation

  • Pointer tagging

  • Thunk and update

  • Allocate and free heap objects

  • STG - C land interface

  • Thread

  • Thread context switch

  • Creating main and sub threads

  • Thread migration

  • Heap and Threads

  • Threads and GC

  • Bound thread

  • Spark

  • Mvar

  • Software transactional memory

  • FFI

  • IO and FFI

  • IO manager

  • Bootstrap

  • Appendix

    • Boxity : boxed and unboxed
    • Levity : lifted and unlifted
    • Boxity and levity
  • References

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