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React components and demo for the Tabler UI theme.

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Update - June 2019: Version 2

Alpha now available on NPM:

npm install [email protected]
yarn add [email protected]

Check out the latest progress and get involved on this branch, or add your thoughts and requests to this issue.

Tabler React

React implementation of the Tabler Dashboard UI Kit

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Demo | Documentation | Issues | Slack.


Make sure you have Node.js 8+ and yarn installed.

yarn add tabler-react


import React, { Component } from "react";

import "tabler-react/dist/Tabler.css";

import { Card, Button } from "tabler-react";

class MyCard extends Component { render() { return ( <card.header> <card.title>Card Title</card.title> </card.header> <card.body> A Button </card.body> ); } }

For more examples and documentation see the demo website


There are plenty of opportunities to get involved. Pick an outstanding task, let us know what you are working on and fire away with any questions.

The package is made up of 2 main folders:

  • /src contains all the Tabler React components
  • /example is our create-react-app based demo website

To setup and run a local copy:

  1. Clone this repo with
    git clone
  2. Run
    yarn install
    in the root folder
  3. Run
    yarn install
    in the example folder
  4. In seperate terminal windows, run
    yarn start
    in the root and example folders.

You should now be up and running with live browser reloading of the example website while you work on Tabler React components in the /src folder.

When you're done working on your changes, submit a PR with the details and include a screenshot if you've changed anything visually.


MIT © jonthomp, AaronCoplan and the contributors.

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