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A pull to refresh ListView for React Native completely written in js.

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A pull to refresh ListView for React Native completely written in js. Also supports custom animations.


npm install react-native-refresher --save


var React = require('react-native');
// Loading the refresher ListView and Indicator
var {
} = require('react-native-refresher');

var { AppRegistry, Text, View, ListView, } = React;

class Content extends React.Component { constructor() { super(); this.ds = new ListView.DataSource({rowHasChanged: (r1, r2) => r1 !== r2}); this.state = { dataSource: this.ds.cloneWithRows(["Row 1", "Row 2"]), }; } onRefresh() { // You can either return a promise or a callback this.setState({dataSource:this.fillRows(["Row 1", "Row 2", "Row 3", "Row 4"])}); } render() { return ( } renderRow={(rowData) => {rowData}} /> ); } };


Refresher: iOS Activity Indicator Refresher: Bar Indicator


  • threshold: number
    The amount of pixeles to validate the refresh. By default the theshold will be calculated by the header height.
  • minTime: number
    The minimum amount of time for showing the loading indicator while is refreshing. Default 320ms.
  • onRefresh: func.isRequired
    Called when user pulls listview down to refresh.
  • indicator: oneOfType([element])
    React Element. See example of a custom indicator
  • refreshOnRelease: bool
    If is necessary to release touch for refresh or refresh will be done automatically once threshold is passed.
  • listStyle: style
    The list style


Refresher is created by Syrus Akbary and inspired by Refresher and react-native-refreshable-listview. If you have suggestions or bug reports, feel free to send pull request or create new issue.

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