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adt4j - Algebraic Data Types for Java

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adt4j - Algebraic Data Types for Java

This library implements Algebraic Data Types for Java.
ADT4J provides annotation processor for

ADT4J generates new class for each

It allows you to easily define custom data types. Like this:

// Define Expression data type
@WrapsGeneratedValueClass(visitor = ExpressionVisitor.class)
// ExpressionBase class will be automatically generated by annotation processor
// You can use any other name instead of ExpressionBase, like VeryLongNameThatYouShouldNeverActuallyUse
class Expression extends ExpressionBase {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    // Static constructor methods are automatically generated for Expression class
    Expression e = mul(sum(lit(5), lit(1)), lit(2));

// Reasonable default toString implementation is provided:
System.out.println(e + " = " + e.eval());


// This is the required boilerplate for wrapper-class Expression(ExpressionBase base) { super(base); }

// Example of "pattern-matching" int eval() { return accept(new ExpressionVisitor() { Integer lit(int i) { return i; } Integer sum(Expression e1, Expression e2) { return e1.eval() + e2.eval(); } Integer mul(Expression e1, Expression e2) { return e1.eval() * e2.eval(); } }); }

// Actual data-type definition // Data type is recursive. No special treatment of recursive definition is required. @GenerateValueClassForVisitor(wrapperClass = Expression.class) @Visitor(resultVariableName="R") interface ExpressionVisitor { @GeneratePredicate(name = "isLiteral"); R lit(int i);

R sum(@Getter(name = "leftOperand") Expression e1, @Getter(name = "rightOperand") Expression e2);
R mul(@Getter(name = "leftOperand") Expression e1, @Getter(name = "rightOperand") Expression e2);




  • Support recursive data types
  • Generate hashCode, equals and toString implementations with value semantics
  • Generate predicates, getters and "updaters" with additional annotations
  • Fully customizable API: custom names and access levels for generated methods
  • Optionally generate Comparable implementation with precise compile-time type-check if it is possible
  • Optionally generate serializable classes with precise compile-time type-check if it is possible
  • Sensible error messages
  • Support generated class extention through standard Java's inheritance.
  • Reasonably fast

Known Issues

  • maven-compiler-plugin version 3.2 and later doesn't work nicely with annotation processors, see MCOMPILER-235. Only clean builds work. Repeated compilation causes duplicate class errors.

  • It is possible to support explicit recursive data-types definitions without

    hack, but javac bug prevents it from working. It works when no type-parameters are used, see [ example](


ADT4J is under BSD 3-clause license.


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Use maven dependency to use ADT4J:


You can use

artifact to simplify deployment and to avoid dependencies' conflicts.
has no dependencies and does not pollute classpath. All java-packages provided by
are rooted at


See NEWS file.


See Tutorial


$ git clone [email protected]:sviperll/adt4j.git
$ cd adt4j
$ mvn test

Check for errors and warnings.

ADT4J is built to be compatible with Java 7. See universal-maven-parent project's documentation for instructions about building projects compatible with JDK7.

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