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some useful mac things:scripts, shells, doc, shortcut keys

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some useful things in MAC OS.

  • scripts
  • shells
  • tips of some common useful apps


  • Linux
  • Mac
  • git1.7+


Three methods:

  • curl -s "" | bash -s
  • Download the source and
    make install
  • Download the source and set
    to the System Path to use the common usage shells


mthings uninstall


  • mthings

    show system command

  • mtings list

    show command list

  • mthings update

    update mthings

  • mthings show_doc [doc_name]

    show the contents of the specified doc

Docs and Commands

:watch: Document

  • useful_shells

    some mac useful shells

  • shortcut_keys_intro

    introduce mac shortcut keys

  • st_shortcut_keys

    SublimeText2 shortcut keys

  • zsh_tips

    zsh useful tips

  • ssh_timeout_solution

    solution of ssh timeout

  • ssh_keys_save

    solution of save password of the ssh keys to avoid input password

:coffee: bin

  • show_memory_usage

    show memory usage in python`

  • git_init

    init git repository


    git_init [git_repos_url] [to_dir]


    • when gitreposurl is empty,init .gitignore, otherwise clone the repository to [to_dir],and int .gitignore
    • when to_dir is empty, the todir is the end of the gitreposurl,for example **macuseful_thins.git**


    git_init [email protected]:superhj1987/mac_useful_things.git mac_useful_things
  • rm_ds

    delete .DS_Store in current dir

  • show_net_stats

    show the count of each status connection,including timewait、closewait and so on.

  • generate_md_contents

    generate the contents of a markdown doc.The doc's format meets:the first line is the title:# [title],the other title such as ##,###,####... is the contents and there must be a blank between #,##,###... and title text. The example docs are in the test dir.


    generate_md_contents [-a] doc_name [to_doc_name]


    • -a means generate the contents with append the anchor to the sub title.
    • when to_docname is empty,the generate content will overwrite the doc_name file, otherwise the content will be in the to_docname file.


    generate_md_contents ../test/
  • change_git_origin_remote

    change current origin remote repos to a new url


    change_git_origin_remote [new_git_repos_url]
  • word_count

    get the word total count in a doc


    word_count [doc_name]
  • search_aj

    search java resources from


    search_aj [project_name | category_name]

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