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A .Net API for Discord written in C#

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This project is dead. Use DSharpPlus or Discord.NET

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Welcome to the DiscordSharp dev branch!

A C# API for Discord.

From Nuget

DiscordSharp is now available on NuGet! It is marked as pre-release package at the moment. At your package manager console, type

Install-Package DiscordSharp -Pre
and it will install the additional dependencies (Newtonsoft.Json & websocket-sharp)

How to use

Discord is what I like to call an "event-based" client. In other words, you get your instance of your client and hook up to its various events: either by lambda or by delegating to external voids. A simple example is as follows..

DiscordClient client = new DiscordClient();
client.ClientPrivateInformation.Email = "email";
client.ClientPrivateInformation.Password = "pass";

client.Connected += (sender, e) => { Console.WriteLine($"Connected! User: {e.User.Username}"); }; client.SendLoginRequest(); Thread t = new Thread(client.Connect); t.Start();

This will get you logged in and print out a login notification to the console with the username you've logged in as.

Example Bot

  • https://github.com/NaamloosDT/DiscordSharp_Starter
    • Kindly donated by NaamloosDT :)


  • This is such a beta it's not even funny.
  • All of the internal classes are meant to model Discord's internal Json. This is why DiscordMember has a subset ("user") with the actual information.


We're all one big happy related family.

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Discord4J, a Java library - https://github.com/austinv11/Discord4J

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JDA, anotha one - https://github.com/DV8FromTheWorld/JDA

Javacord, anotha one - https://github.com/BtoBastian/Javacord

discord.io, a Node.js library which I referenced a lot - https://github.com/izy521/discord.io

discord.js, an alternate Node.js library - https://github.com/discord-js/discord.js

discordie, another Node.js library - https://github.com/qeled/discordie

DiscordPHP, a PHP library - https://github.com/teamreflex/DiscordPHP

discord-hypertext, the alternate php library https://github.com/Cleanse/discord-php

discordrb, a Ruby library - https://github.com/meew0/discordrb

discord.py, a Python library - https://github.com/Rapptz/discord.py

discord-akka, a Scala library - https://github.com/eaceaser/discord-akka

go-discord, a Go library (Google Go) - https://github.com/gdraynz/go-discord

discordgo, alternate Google Go library - https://github.com/bwmarrin/discordgo

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