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Access the data of 3-axis magnetometer and DMP from MPU9250 with SPI interface, All data fusion via EKF/UKF/CKF/SRCKF algorithm

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Access the data of 3-axis magnetometer and DMP from MPU9250 with SPI interface

All data fusion (including the data of dmp output, such as the accelerometer data, gyroscope, 6-axis quaternion and internal magnetometer data) via a 7-state, 13-mesurement EKF(Extended Kalman filter) / Unscented Kalman Filter(UKF) / Cubature Kalman Filters (CKF) Algorithm / Square-Root Cubature Kalman Filters (SRCKF) Algorithm.

1.kalman feature:

prediction state: q0 q1 q2 q3 wx wy wz
mesurement:q0 q1 q2 q3(q0~q3 from dmp ouput) ax ay az wx wy wz mx my mz

2.Add a miniIMU for doctor's miniQuadrotor

add a new fixed-point ekf algorithm for doctor's miniQuadrotor 
please check the miniIMU directory at the root and look the usage.txt for using!

3.Add a win32 application for serial port communication

calibraion for accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer
please check the "Calibration App" directory at the root

4.Add a miniAHRS for 9-axis fusion, such as ax ay az wx wy wz mx my mz form accelerometer,gyroscope,magnetometer

7-state ekf algorithm: quaternion and 3-axis gyroscope bais
3-mesurement for accelerometer
3-mesurement for magnetometer

5.Add a GPS/ins implement via ekf fusion algorithm

16-state ekf algorithm: 4 quaternion, 3D postion, 3D velocity, 3-axis gyroscope bais and 3-axis accelerometer bais
9-mesurement for magnetometer, 3D postion and 3D velocity from gps and barometer

6.Other stuff

add ms5611 spi driver
using 4-order Runge_Kutta to slove the quaternion differential equation.

7.Add a 9-axis sensor fusion with square-root cubature Kalman filter for testing

7-state srckf algorithm: quaternion and 3-axis gyroscope bais
6-mesurement for accelerometer, magnetometer ouput

8.add ublox-m8n uart4 driver

9.Emulated double precision Double single routine

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