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LoopBack CLI tool for creating projects, models and more.

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LoopBack CLI tool for creating projects, models and more. This package supersedes the older


⚠️ LoopBack 3 has reached end of life. We are no longer accepting pull requests or providing support for community users. The only exception is fixes for critical bugs and security vulnerabilities provided as part of support for IBM API Connect customers. (See Module Long Term Support Policy below.)

We urge all LoopBack 3 users to migrate their applications to LoopBack 4 as soon as possible. Refer to our Migration Guide for more information on how to upgrade.


To install the LoopBack CLI tool:

$ npm install -g loopback-cli


Getting started

  1. Run
    lb [appName]
    to create a new LoopBack application.
  2. Run
    node .
    to start the scaffolded server.

What's next


lb -l
to list all available commands:
$ lb -l
Available commands:
  lb acl
  lb app
  lb boot-script
  lb bluemix
  lb datasource
  lb export-api-def
  lb middleware
  lb model
  lb property
  lb relation
  lb remote-method
  lb soap
  lb swagger
  lb zosconnectee


lb  --help
to learn more about each command. For example:
$ lb model --help
  lb model [options] []

Options: -h, --help # Print the generator's options and usage --skip-cache # Do not remember prompt answers Default: false --skip-install # Do not automatically install dependencies Default: false

Arguments: name # Name of the model to create. Type: String Required: false

Description: Creates a new Model in the LoopBack application.


lb model Product

This adds an entry to Product.json defining the model "Product".

Refer to Create a simple API for more information.

Refer to README_Soap for more information on 'lb soap' command.


IBM/StrongLoop is an active supporter of open source and welcomes contributions to our projects as well as those of the Node.js community in general. For more information on how to contribute please refer to the Contribution Guide.

Mailing List

Discuss features and ask questions on LoopBack Forum.



Module Long Term Support Policy

This module adopts the Module Long Term Support (LTS) policy, with the following End Of Life (EOL) dates:

| Version | Status | Published | EOL | | ------- | --------------- | --------- | -------- | | 5.x | End-of-Life | Nov 2018 | Dec 2020 | | 4.x | End-of-Life | Sep 2017 | Dec 2019 | | 3.x | End-of-Life | Jul 2017 | Apr 2019 |

Learn more about our LTS plan in the docs.

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