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A new GraphQL library for Python 🍓

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Strawberry GraphQL

Python GraphQL library based on dataclasses

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Installation ( Quick Start )

The quick start method provides a server and CLI to get going quickly. Install with:

pip install 'strawberry-graphql[debug-server]'

Getting Started

Create a file called
with the following code:
import strawberry

@strawberry.type class User: name: str age: int

@strawberry.type class Query: @strawberry.field def user(self) -> User: return User(name="Patrick", age=100)

schema = strawberry.Schema(query=Query)

This will create a GraphQL schema defining a

type and a single query field
that will return a hardcoded user.

To run the debug server run the following command:

strawberry server app

Open the debug server by clicking on the following link:

This will open GraphiQL where you can test the API.


Strawberry comes with a mypy plugin that enables statically type-checking your GraphQL schema. To enable it, add the following lines to your

plugins = strawberry.ext.mypy_plugin

Django Integration

A Django view is provided for adding a GraphQL endpoint to your application.

  1. Add the app to your
  1. Add the view to your
from strawberry.django.views import GraphQLView
from .schema import schema

urlpatterns = [ ..., path('graphql', GraphQLView.as_view(schema=schema)), ]


To support graphql Subscriptions over WebSockets you need to provide a WebSocket enabled server. The debug server can be made to support WebSockets with these commands:

pip install 'strawberry-graphql[debug-server]'
pip install 'uvicorn[standard]'



We use poetry to manage dependencies, to get started follow these steps:

git clone
cd strawberry
poetry install
poetry run pytest

This will install all the dependencies (including dev ones) and run the tests.

Pre commit

We have a configuration for pre-commit, to add the hook run the following command:

pre-commit install


  • Project homepage:
  • Repository:
  • Issue tracker:
    • In case of sensitive bugs like security vulnerabilities, please contact [email protected] directly instead of using the issue tracker. We value your effort to improve the security and privacy of this project!


The code in this project is licensed under MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.

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