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Vim plugin for compiling and uploading arduino sketches

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Vim plugin for compiling, uploading, and debugging arduino sketches. It makes use of the Arduino IDE's commandline interface (new in 1.5.x).


vim-arduino works with Pathogen

cd ~/.vim/bundle/
git clone

and vim-plug

Plug 'stevearc/vim-arduino'

You also need to download the Arduino IDE (version 1.5 or newer) and make sure the

command is in your PATH.


The docs have detailed information about configuring vim-arduino here.

The main commands you will want to use are:

  • :ArduinoChooseBoard
    - Select the type of board from a list.
  • :ArduinoChooseProgrammer
    - Select the programmer from a list.
  • :ArduinoChoosePort
    - Select the serial port from a list.
  • :ArduinoVerify
    - Build the sketch.
  • :ArduinoUpload
    - Build and upload the sketch.
  • :ArduinoSerial
    - Connect to the board for debugging over a serial port.
  • :ArduinoUploadAndSerial
    - Build, upload, and connect for debugging.
  • :ArduinoInfo
    - Display internal information. Useful for debugging issues with vim-arduino.

To make easy use of these, you may want to bind them to a key combination. You can put the following in

nnoremap  am :ArduinoVerify
nnoremap  au :ArduinoUpload
nnoremap  ad :ArduinoUploadAndSerial
nnoremap  ab :ArduinoChooseBoard
nnoremap  ap :ArduinoChooseProgrammer

If you wish to run these commands in tmux/screen/some other location, you can make use of vim-slime:

let g:arduino_use_slime = 1

Status Line

If you want to add the board type to your status line, it's easy with the following:

" my_file.ino [arduino:avr:uno]
function! MyStatusLine()
  return '%f [' . g:arduino_board . ']'
setl statusline=%!MyStatusLine()

Or if you want something a bit fancier that includes serial port info:

" my_file.ino [arduino:avr:uno] [arduino:usbtinyisp] (/dev/ttyACM0:9600)
function! MyStatusLine()
  let port = arduino#GetPort()
  let line = '%f [' . g:arduino_board . '] [' . g:arduino_programmer . ']'
  if !empty(port)
    let line = line . ' (' . port . ':' . g:arduino_serial_baud . ')'
  return line
setl statusline=%!MyStatusLine()

Note: if you are using the 'airline' plugin for the status line, you can display this custom status part instead of the filename extension with:

autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *.ino let g:airline_section_x='%{MyStatusLine()}'


Everything is under the MIT License except for the wonderful syntax file, which was created by Johannes Hoff and copied from and is under the Vim License.

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