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stdlib ([/ˈstændərd lɪb/][ipa-english] "standard lib") is a standard library for JavaScript and Node.js, with an emphasis on numerical and scientific computing applications. The library provides a collection of robust, high performance libraries for mathematics, statistics, data processing, streams, and more and includes many of the utilities you would expect from a standard library.

This is the GitHub repository of stdlib source code and documentation. For help developing stdlib, see the [development guide][stdlib-development].


  • [Homepage][stdlib-homepage]
  • [Documentation][stdlib-documentation]
  • [Source code][stdlib-source]
  • [Code coverage][stdlib-code-coverage]
  • [FAQ][stdlib-faq]

External Resources

  • [Twitter][stdlib-twitter]
  • [Gitter][stdlib-gitter]


  • 150+ [special math functions][@stdlib/math/base/special].

    Demo showcasing special math functions
  • 35+ [probability distributions][@stdlib/stats/base/dists], with support for evaluating probability density functions (PDFs), cumulative distribution functions (CDFs), quantiles, moments, and more.

    Demo showcasing probability distributions
  • 40+ [seedable pseudorandom number generators][@stdlib/random/base] (PRNGs).

    Demo showcasing PRNGs
  • 200+ general [utilities][@stdlib/utils] for data transformation, functional programming, and asynchronous control flow.

    Demo showcasing general utilities
  • 200+ [assertion utilities][@stdlib/assert] for data validation and feature detection.

    Demo showcasing assertion utilities
  • 50+ [sample datasets][@stdlib/datasets] for testing and development.

    Demo showcasing sample datasets
  • A [plot API][@stdlib/plot/ctor] for data visualization and exploratory data analysis.

    Demo showcasing plot API
  • Native add-ons for interfacing with BLAS libraries, with pure JavaScript fallbacks.

    Demo showcasing BLAS APIs
  • A [benchmark framework][@stdlib/bench/harness] supporting TAP.

    Demo showcasing benchmark framework
  • REPL environment with integrated help and examples.

    Demo showcasing REPL environment
  • Can be bundled using [Browserify][browserify], [Webpack][webpack], and other bundlers for use in web browsers.

    Demo showcasing browser support


Running stdlib requires the following prerequisites:

  • [Node.js][node-js]: JavaScript runtime (version >= 0.10)
  • [npm][npm]: package manager (version > 2.7.0; if Node < 1.0.0, version > 2.7.0 and < 4.0.0; if Node < 6.0.0, version > 2.7.0 and < 6.0.0)

Most functionality in stdlib is implemented exclusively in JavaScript; however, some implementations try to capture performance benefits by using [native bindings][node-js-add-ons] and/or [WebAssembly][webassembly]. While not required to run stdlib, as every stdlib implementation has a JavaScript fallback, the following dependencies are required for building native add-ons, including linking to BLAS and LAPACK libraries:

  • [GNU make][make]: development utility and task runner
  • [GNU bash][bash]: an sh-compatible shell
  • [gcc & g++][gcc] or [Clang][clang]: C/C++ compilation and linking (g++ version >= 4.8; clang version >= 3.5, Xcode version >=8.3.1 on OS X)
  • [gfortran][gfortran]: Fortran compilation and linking (version >= 4.8)

While not required to run stdlib, the following dependencies are required for automatically downloading external libraries:

  • [curl][curl], [wget][wget], or [fetch][fetch] (FreeBSD): utilities for downloading remote resources

The following external libraries can be automatically downloaded and compiled from source using make:

  • [OpenBLAS][openblas]: optimized BLAS library
  • [Electron][electron]: framework for cross-platform desktop applications


To install as a library or application dependency,

$ npm install @stdlib/stdlib

Once installed, stdlib packages can be individually required/imported to minimize load times and decrease bundle sizes. For example,

var dswap = require( '@stdlib/blas/base/dswap' );

To install globally for use as a command-line utility,

$ npm install -g @stdlib/stdlib

which will expose the stdlib command. For example, to see available sub-commands

$ stdlib help

and to run the [REPL][@stdlib/repl]

$ stdlib repl

For distributable bundles for use in browser environments or as shared ("vendored") libraries in server environments, see the [dist][stdlib-bundles] directory and associated [guide][stdlib-bundles].

Otherwise, to install as a system library, follow the [download][stdlib-development], [configuration][stdlib-development], and [installation][stdlib-development] instructions as described in the [development guide][stdlib-development].


See the [contributing guidelines][stdlib-contributing].


See [LICENSE][stdlib-license].


Copyright © 2016-2021. The Stdlib [Authors][stdlib-authors].




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