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Minimal DNS-Over-HTTPS Server

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Minimal DNS-Over-HTTPS Server

Stefan Arentz, April 2018

This is a tiny and minimal implementation of draft-ietf-doh-dns-over-https.

By default it forwards incoming DNS requests to
. This means you need to have a DNS server running on the machine where you run this service. Personally I like
apt-get install pdns-recursor
. You can also use the
argument to use a different dns server and for example use the brand new CloudFare/APNIC global DNS service with

To use this in Firefox, you will have to deploy this to a HTTPS server. I use Caddy, with a config like this: {
    root /var/www
    tls [email protected]

proxy /dns-query {


I then run the server in a tmux session simply with

go run main.go -verbose
. This is obviously not production ready, it is an experiment / exploration.

To get this going in Firefox, you need the following:

  • Firefox Nightly (Or possibly Firefox 60 Beta or later, not sure)
  • Set
    to your
  • Set
    to something higher than 1 (See TRR Preferences)

I had to restart Firefox before it picked up these settings. You should see something like this appear:

2018/03/31 13:47:31 POST Request for  (592.183µs)
2018/03/31 13:47:31 POST Request for  (2.513745ms)
2018/03/31 13:47:31 POST Request for  (812.055µs)
2018/03/31 13:47:31 POST Request for  (787.912µs)
2018/03/31 13:47:48 POST Request for  (206.335515ms)
2018/03/31 13:47:49 POST Request for  (237.966346ms)


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