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Fuzzing JavaScript Engines with Aspect-preserving Mutation

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Repository for "Fuzzing JavaScript Engines with Aspect-preserving Mutation" (in S&P'20). You can check the paper for technical details.


Tested on Ubuntu 18.04 with following environment. * Python v3.6.10 * npm v6.14.6 * n v6.7.0

General Setup

For nodejs and npm,

$ sudo apt-get -y install npm
$ sudo npm install -g n
$ sudo n stable
For redis-server,
$ sudo apt install redis-server
we choose clang-6.0 to compile afl and browsers smoothly.
$ sudo apt-get -y install clang-6.0

DIE Setup

To setup environment for AFL,

$ cd fuzz/scripts
$ sudo ./

To compile whole project,

$ ./

Server Setup

  • Make Corpus Directory (We used Die-corpus as corpus)
    $ git clone
    $ python3 ./fuzz/scripts/ ./DIE-corpus ./corpus
  • Make ssh-tunnel for connection with redis-server
    $ ./fuzz/scripts/
  • Dry run with corpus
    $ ./fuzz/scripts/ [target binary path] [path of DIE-corpus dir] [target js engine (ch/jsc/v8/ffx)]
    # Example
    $ ./fuzz/scripts/ ~/ch ./DIE-corpus ch
    It's done! Your corpus is well executed and the data should be located on redis-server.


To check the redis-data,

$ redis-cli -p 9000> keys *
If the result contains "crashBitmap", "crashQueue", "pathBitmap", "newPathsQueue" keys, the fuzzer was well registered and executed.

Client Setup

  • Make ssh-tunnel for connection with redis-server

    $ ./fuzz/scripts/
  • Usage ``` $ ./fuzz/scripts/ [target binary path] [path of DIE-corpus dir] [target js engine (ch/jsc/v8/ffx)]


    $ ./fuzz/scripts/ ~/ch ./DIE-corpus ch ```

  • Check if it's running

    $ tmux ls
    You can find a session named
    if it's running.


We used d8 to profile type information. So, please change d8_path in fuzz/TS/typer/ before execution.

cd fuzz/TS/typer
python3 [corpus directory]

*.jsi file will be created if instrumentation works well. *.t file will be created if profiling works well.


If you find bugs and get CVEs by running DIE, please let us know.

  • ChakraCore: CVE-2019-0609, CVE-2019-1023, CVE-2019-1300, CVE-2019-0990, CVE-2019-1092
  • JavaScriptCore: CVE-2019-8676, CVE-2019-8673, CVE-2019-8811, CVE-2019-8816
  • V8: CVE-2019-13730, CVE-2019-13764, CVE-2020-6382



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