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Deploy node.js apps on docker hosts

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Deploy node.js apps on docker hosts.


Before you start, you may want to read about the motives behind Dockship in my recent blogpost:

Goals behind this solution

  • to have App-management/PaaS-logic completely client-side
  • to have no server-side dependencies beside clean dockerd installation API exposed via TCP


npm install dockship -g


Command overview

$ dockship

Usage: dockship command [options]


-h, --help         output usage information
-V, --version      output the version number

status             Status of running applications
list               List deployed applications
push   <appname>   Push a new application
start  <appname>   Start the application
stop   <appname>   Stop the application, also takes --all
purge  <appname>   Purge application
-p, --port <port>  Optional host port, defaults to 4243
-h, --host <host>  Optional host address, defaults to

List available apps

│ id           │ name                                   │
│ 34d81953888c │ superapp:latest                        │

Start app

$ dockship start superapp:latest
Started: 5e9f186e931e

Stop app

$ dockship stop superapp:latest
Stopped: 5e9f186e931e

Push app

$ dockship push superapp

a . a ./app.js a ./Dockerfile a ./package.json

Step 1 : FROM ubuntu:precise ---> 8dbd9e392a96 Step 2 : MAINTAINER Sascha Reuter ---> Using cache ---> 1a479c14b8bf Step 3 : RUN apt-get install -y python-software-properties python ---> Using cache ---> f4791bc909d3 Step 4 : RUN add-apt-repository ppa:chris-lea/node.js ---> Using cache ---> e660eec930ec Step 5 : RUN echo "deb precise universe" >> /etc/apt/sources.list ---> Using cache ---> 6e0b66f1073d Step 6 : RUN apt-get update ---> Using cache ---> d9fc6ff57980 Step 7 : RUN apt-get install -y nodejs ---> Using cache ---> 3eacec1174ba Step 8 : RUN mkdir /var/www ---> Using cache ---> 93b969629608 Step 9 : EXPOSE 8080 ---> Running in 2b897219c3a4 ---> 62eb23aeffaa Step 10 : ADD ./ /var/www/ ---> 2277aa64d91f Step 11 : CMD ["/usr/bin/node", "/var/www/app.js"] ---> Running in d69128319942 ---> bd08be6ae92f Successfully built bd08be6ae92f

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