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Amazon Redshift SQLAlchemy Dialect

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Amazon Redshift dialect for SQLAlchemy.

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The package is available on PyPI::

pip install sqlalchemy-redshift

.. warning::

This dialect requires psycopg2 library to work properly. It does not provide
it as required, but relies on you to select the psycopg2 distribution you need:

  • psycopg2 - standard distribution of psycopg2, requires compilation so few system dependencies are required for it
  • psycopg2-binary - already compiled distribution (no system dependencies are required)
  • psycopg2cffi - pypy compatible version

See Psycopg2's binary install docs <http:>_ for more context on choosing a distribution.


The DSN format is similar to that of regular Postgres::

>>> import sqlalchemy as sa
>>> sa.create_engine('redshift+psycopg2://[email protected]:5439/database')
Engine(redshift+psycopg2://[email protected]:5439/database)

See the

RedshiftDDLCompiler documentation
_ for details on Redshift-specific features the dialect supports.


To perform a release, you will need to be an admin for the project on GitHub and on PyPI. Contact the maintainers if you need that access.

You will need to have a

with your PyPI credentials and also the following settings::
create-wheels = yes

To perform a release, run the following::

python3.6 -m venv ~/.virtualenvs/dist
workon dist
pip install -U pip setuptools wheel
pip install -U tox zest.releaser
fullrelease  # follow prompts, use semver ish with versions.

The releaser will handle updating version data on the package and in CHANGES.rst along with tagging the repo and uploading to PyPI.

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