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== Sample Applications for Spring for Apache Hadoop

This repository contains several sample applications that show how you can use Spring for Apache Hadoop.

NOTE: These samples are built using version 2.2.0.RELEASE of Spring for Apache Hadoop project. For examples built against older versions check out the Git "tag" that corresponds to your desired version.

=== Overview of Spring for Apache Hadoop

Hadoop has a poor out of the box programming model. Writing applications for Hadoop generally turn into a collection of scripts calling Hadoop command line applications. Spring for Apache Hadoop provides a consistent programming model and declarative configuration model for developing Hadoop applications.

Together with Spring Integration and Spring Batch, Spring for Apache Hadoop can be used to address a wide range of use cases

  • HDFS data access and scripting
  • Data Analysis ** MapReduce ** Pig ** Hive
  • Workflow
  • Data collection and ingestion
  • Event Streams processing

=== Features

  • Declarative configuration to create, configure, and parameterize Hadoop connectivity and all job types (MR/Streaming MR/Pig/Hive/Cascading)
  • Simplify HDFS API with added support for JVM scripting languages
  • Runner classes for MR/Pig/Hive/Cascading for small workflows consisting of the following steps HDFS operations -> data analysis -> HDFS operations
  • Helper “Template” classes for Pig/Hive/HBase ** Execute scripts and queries without worrying about Resource Management Exception Handling and Translation ** Thread-safety
  • Lightweight Object-Mapping for HBase
  • Hadoop components for Spring Integratio and Spring Batch ** Spring Batch tasklets for HDFS and data analysis ** Spring Batch HDFS ItemWriters ** Spring Integration HDFS channel adapters

== Additional Resources

Many of the samples were taken from the O'Reilly book link:[Spring Data]. Using the book as a companion to the samples is quite helpful to understanding the samples and the full feature set of what can be done using Spring technologies and Hadoop.

The main web site for link:[Spring for Apache Hadoop]

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