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AppStarter | AppDrawer and Kodi / SPMC Updater for Amazon FireTV. Works without rooting your FireTV.

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AppStarter: An AppDrawer and Kodi / SPMC Updater for Amazon FireTV:

Visit discussion on XDA-Developers: * [APP] AppStarter


  • Lists all user-installed apps including sideloaded / adb installed apps.
  • Apps can be easily sorted / ordered by settings-button or click-drag-and-drop (long-click to start drag-and-drop).
  • Apps can be hidden from app drawer (see settings).
  • Kodi and SPMC can be installed and updated directly out of AppStarter (see Updates section).
  • Possibility to change the time of no action the FireTV waits to go to sleep.
  • Possibility to import / export settings.
  • Show system and device informations like Android-Version, Build-Version, Hostname, WiFi- / WLAN Name (SSID), IP Adress and Uptime.
  • Automatic update mechanism.
  • No root required!

Install AppStarter:

Easy installation in less than 5 minutes with only the FireTV *

Standard installation via ADB * If you don't know how to sideload/install apps via ADB, read a tutorial (e.g. this one) * Download latest AppStarter APK and sideload/install with adb: * adb install -r AppStarter-v4.0.apk * Enjoy :)

Reviews / Articles:

  • Just google for "AppStarter FireTV"



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Why using it:

  • AppStarter provides a nice possiblity to show all user installed Apps.
  • AppStarter provides an Updater for Kodi and SMPC which allows to keep these two Apps up to date in a very convinient way.


If you want to support my developments you are welcome to buy me a cup of coffee :) * Flattr this git repo * PayPal donation link

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