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Deprecated: While the code in this repo may still be valuable it no longer accurately represents how apps are built with React Native and Meteor. For a more up to date and continuously updated example please checkout the React Native Meteor Boilerplate.

Meteor Todos, React Native Style

A demo of React Native interacting with a Meteor backend. The goal of this project is to match the feature set of the web version of Meteor's Todos example.

Note: Still a work in progress.


  1. Install Meteor
  2. Install React Native (Only works on OSX currently)


You'll need two terminal windows to run this example.

  1. In terminal window 1 run
    cd meteor-todos/ && meteor
  2. In terminal window 2 run
    cd ReactNativeTodos/ && npm install && npm run ios
  3. After the npm dependencies are installed Xcode should open. You can then press the play button in the top left of Xcode and the iOS simulator should open.
  4. If you plan to run on a real device, make sure to replace
    with your local IP address in the following files:
  5. AppDelegate.m
  6. ReactNativeTodos/app/config/db/lib/ddpClient.js

Changes made to the Meteor Todos Example

I wanted to minimize the number of changes I made to the example provided by Meteor (created by running

meteor create --example todos
). The only addition I made was adding a few Meteor methods in

Android Support

The app builds on Android but that is the extent of my testing with it. Please feel free to test, fix, and contribute back.

You can use on android by running

npm run android
inside the
folder. Make sure to run
npm install

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