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A realtime fractal exporer running in the browser

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FractalJS is a realtime fractal exporer.

It lets you explore different fractal sets with different color palettes, and share your best discoveries with others. It is a progressive web app running on all your devices. The rendering, which is computationally intensive, is entirely done in multi-threaded Javascript (hence JS in the name).

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This is the third iteration of FractalJS * V1 (June 2015) used Grunt and jQuery * V2 (April 2017) moved to Webpack and Vue.js, and a Material interface * V3 (April 2020) is a mobile-first PWA application, using React and Typescript



Project Setup

$ git clone
$ cd FractalJS
$ npm install
$ npm run start


Do you want to implement a new fractal set in FractalJS? It couldn't be easier. After the project is set up, just head to

and write your own fractal function.

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