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SSH for EC2

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SSH to Your EC2 Instance Instantly

SSH2 is an interactive command line tool which allows you to quickly ssh to an EC2 instance. You can select from a list of running servers under your account.


$ ssh2 1
$ ssh2 -h
Usage: ssh2 [options] [server_number]
  server_number: a numeric value corresponding to the server number
  e.g.: 'ssh2 1' will ssh into the 1st server in the list.

Options: -h, --help show this help message and exit -x, --bust-cache refetch servers list from AWS -u USER, --user=USER provide user (default: ubuntu) -i IDENTITY, --identity=IDENTITY provide identity file -p PROFILE, --profile=PROFILE provide AWS profile --ip=IP connect using IP instead of DNS -g GREP, --grep=GREP filter the server list

Filtering the list by EC2 instance name

$ ssh2 -g webrt

Servers list:

[1] webrtc-kurento

Which server would you like to connect to [1]?

$ ssh2 -g webrt 1

Connecting to webrtc-kurento



pip install ssh2


without using Python package manager:

git clone
cd ssh2
ln -sf $(pwd)/ssh2 /usr/local/bin/


Soheil Yasrebi, @soheil

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