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Scrum PM is a plugin for Redmine ticket management system. It adds Scrum items like backlog, dashboard and others.

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Unfortunetelly this project will no longer be supported. Last version of Redmin that I worked with it was 1.0.3 but some further versions may also work. Please let me know how do you use Scrum and fill out this survey:

We are working on great tool for managing projects with Scrum and Kanban. You can check it out here:

Scrum PM v. 0.1.6

This version is compatibile with Redmine 0.9 stable. Previous versions may not work due to differences in new Issue form.

Scrum PM is a plugin for Redmine for Scrum project management. Redmine Version class becomes a sprint and issue becomes task. Most actions support drag and drop, eg. dashboard where you can change status of your task simply by draging it to another column. Some more interesting stuff planned:

Support for uml driagram generators railroad(Rails) and umlgraph (JAVA).

One click documentation generation (rdoc and javadoc)

Continous integration with cruisecontrol

Velocity planing

HOW TO INSTALL: 1. Install plugin

git clone git:// vendor/plugins/redmine_sprints
2. Install Attachmentfu `git clone git:// vendor/plugins/attachmentfu
 3. Install Googlecharts gem
sudo gem install googlecharts
(note. uninstall GCharts if installed)
 4. Run the usual  plugin migration
rake db:migrate
plugins RAILS_ENV=production`

Change log


Updates for Redmine 1.0.3. Changed behavior of adding tasks in dashboard.


Added in place edititors for user assignment to issue, added unassigned issues assignment to user stories, added stats to dashboard, small clean up.


Added burndown chart. User story is done when all dependent issues are done.


Added compatibility with Redmine 0.9 stable


Fixed issues with reassignment issues to version

Fixed most links(edit/delete/show)

Added status panel


fixed sprint <=> user story assignment bug,

added proper i18n for english and polish

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