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a module for tanslating Chinese(汉字) into /\w+/ or pinyin

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a module for tanslating Chinese(汉字) into pinyin.


$ npm install han


1. han.letter()

han.letter(chinese ,[separator ,[callback(err, data)])

Use the

method to translate Chinese in to english letter:
var han = require('han');

han.letter('中文') // zhongwen han.letter('中文', '-') // zhong-wen han.letter('中文', function(err, result){ console.log(result) // zhongwen })


method has 3 params by default, they can all be optional, it depends on you(^^). follow the message below, you can also find it at lib/translate.js:
/* @param `chinese` {String} Chinese word
 * @param [optional] `separator` {String} separator for the letters
 * @param [optional] `callback(err, result)` {Function} if a callback is specified,
 *   the program will use an async way to do the translation 

2. han.pinyin(chinese)

User the

method to translate Chinese into Pinyin(letters with notation):
han.pinyin('中文') // [ [ 'zhōng', 'zhòng' ], [ 'wén', 'wèn' ] ]

// mixin are allowed, like: han.pinyin('My Chinese name is 小鱼(sofish)'); // [ 'My Chinese name is ', [ 'xǐao' ], [ 'yú' ], '(sofish)' ]

// also running with messy code, see the testcase below

WHY the return value is an array?

Beause that a Chinese word always having more than one pronunciation. You may want to allow users to correct your output that is generated by your program in an automatic way(like google?! yep!).


$ npm install han
# or git clone git://github.com/sofish/han.git

$ cd node_modules/han && make test

Translating Messy Code

Messy code? orginal file is here testcase.js: ```js var han = require('han');

console.log('orginal:要实现 Speaker Deck 那种中文转拼音的') console.log(han.letter('要实现 Speaker Deck 那种中文转拼音的', '-'), '\n') // orginal:要实现 Speaker Deck 那种中文转拼音的 // yao-shi-xian-speaker-deck-na-zhong-zhong-wen-zhuan-pin-yin-de

han.letter('中aaaaa中¢∞§¶•誩aa文喳aa', function(err, result){ if(err) throw err; console.log('orginal:中aaaaa中¢∞§¶•誩aa文喳aa') console.log('callback:' + result, '\n') // orginal:中aaaaa中¢∞§¶•誩aa文喳aa // callback:zhong aaaaa 4e2da2 221ea7b6 2022 jing aa wen zha aa });

han.letter('中EnglishWords¢∞§¶•ªº文', '-', function(err, result){ console.log('orginal:中EnglishWords¢∞§¶•ªº文') console.log('callback:' + result) // original:中EnglishWords¢∞§¶•ªº文 // callback:zhong-englishwords-221ea7b6-2022aaba-wen });

console.log('original: My Chinese name is 小鱼(sofish)') console.log(han.pinyin('My Chinese name is 小鱼(sofish)')) // original: My Chinese name is 小鱼(sofish) // [ 'My Chinese name is ', [ 'xǐao' ], [ 'yú' ], '(sofish)' ]

console.log('original: #$%^&中23¢∞§¶•ª52849文@#$%^&(意思,还有英文:english') console.log(han.pinyin('#$%^&中23¢∞§¶•ª52849文@#$%^&(意思,还有英文:english')) // original: #$%^&中23¢∞§¶•ª52849文@#$%^&(意思,还有英文:english // [ '#$%^&', [ 'zhōng', 'zhòng' ], '23¢∞§¶•ª52849', [ 'wén', 'wèn' ], // '@#$%^&(', [ 'yì' ], [ 'sī', 'sì', 'sāi' ], ',', [ 'húan', 'hái', 'xúan' ], // [ 'yǒu', 'yòu' ], [ 'yīng', 'yāng' ], [ 'wén', 'wèn' ], ':english' ] ```


Licensed under MIT.


Specail thank to fayland for providing the unicode table of Chinese.

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