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Realtime application framework (client)

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How to use

A standalone build of
is exposed automatically by the server as
. Alternatively you can serve the file
found in the
folder or include it via CDN.
// with ES6 import
import io from '';

const socket = io();

A slim build (without debug) is also available:

Socket.IO is compatible with browserify and webpack (see example there).

Node.JS (server-side usage)

to your
and then:
  var socket = require('')('http://localhost:3000');
  socket.on('connect', function(){});
  socket.on('event', function(data){});
  socket.on('disconnect', function(){});

Debug / logging

In order to see all the client debug output, run the following command on the browser console – including the desired scope – and reload your app page:

localStorage.debug = '*';

And then, filter by the scopes you're interested in. See also:





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