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Planty is an e-commerce ready theme for Stackbit, powered by Snipcart.

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Planty Stackbit theme

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Planty is an e-commerce ready custom theme for Stackbit created by Snipcart.

This theme can be used to create an e-commerce ready website through Stackbit's platform. You'll get everything you need from products listing, categorization, FAQ, etc.

You can see it in action right here.

To learn more about Stackbit and its custom themes feature, read this post.

How to get started

In Stackbit's custom themes importer, just use this repository URL. For the moment, this theme works only with Jekyll but will soon work with other static site generators supported by Stackbit.

Theme configuration

Please note that the screenshots below have been taken in Forestry, you can use Forestry as headless CMS for your project if you want, but this also work with other CMSs.

Configuring Snipcart

First thing is to enter your Snipcart API key. Open your CMS and go to

Global site config


Use your public API key in there.


Logos can be updated via the CMS as well. You'll be asked to provide a dark and a light logo.


Styles configuration

Colors can be managed via the CMS as well. Under

Global site config
section, open
Styles config
. You'll see all colors used throughout the theme listed here. Adjust them for your own branding.


You can also configure background images in there.



Each product can be associated to a category. Open the Categories section and manage them there.



Products can be managed directly through the CMS via the Products section.


Products have several properties available, both for Snipcart and for the theme. You can define its price, description, name, ID, etc.

You can also define if this is a featured product, meaning that it will show in the Best sellers section on the site. A feature product will use the Feature images set.



The promotion is a component displayed just above the footer on some pages. You can configure what to show in that box via the CMS.


You can define a Call to action for the promotion, it's usually a link to a section of your site.



You can manage testimonials to show on the site via this section.



Manage the content of the About section here.



Manage your FAQ entries in this section.


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